All You Need to Know About the LED Crane Signs

When planning to use cranes as a form of advertising, the LED crane signs comes into the picture. It’s very simple to combine this with digital and other types of signs. Because of the height and illuminating light, people will view the signage from several miles away. This has now been adopted by several agencies and has proven to be a huge success.

Many Constructions industries select crane signs as a popular advertisement technique. These signs offer safety as it is appropriately attached with the cranes. The crane’s signs gain a wide range of popularity as it enhances brand awareness among the people. To know more about the LED crane signs, continue reading.

LED crane

What Are The Types of Crane Signs?

You may have seen a crane sign on a construction site. Ever thought about how many types of cranes signs can be there? If not, we are here to tell you. There are two types of LED crane signs, as discussed below:

  • Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are banners with prints and small holes that support airflow through the banner. These printed banners are made from mesh materials, and they work perfectly when it comes to doing outdoor advertising. Mesh banners are attached to the cranes on construction sites to make the customers aware of the brand before the business begins.

  • Channel Letters

Channel letters are other outdoor advertisement banners that safely attach to the cranes for visibility and brand recognition. The selection of a uniform design and matching letters adds color, font, and LED lights more attractive. In such cases, LED crane signs promotes the business through the lightning used in the banner.

LED crane signs

What are LED crane signs?

LED crane signs is generally an advertisement method that uses several fonts, letters, and LED lights to light up the letters. These letters are safely and appropriately attached to the cranes and support brand awareness among the customers by attracting them with this fascinating method.

LED crane signs can be seen from large distances and are frequently seen by tens or hundreds of thousands of people every day. These signs offer the best value for money in terms of cost per impression of any type of advertising.

How is LED crane signs different from the traditional tower crane signages?

  • Traditional tower crane signages are an old method that was not completely capable of wind resistance. However, the LED crane signs eradicates this problem as it has channel letters that allow uniform airflow.
  • The traditional methods are not visible during the nights. However, the LED crane signage offers clear visibility during both times of day and night.
  • Moreover, the traditional banners contain much weight, whereas the LED signs are way more effective and weigh less.
  • The old methods often last for no longer than 6 months, but the latest LED signage techniques cover a life span of 3 to 5 years after installation.

Advantages of Using the LED crane signage Method

The LED crane signage method offers several benefits when installed on a construction site. One can use these signages at any stage of development procedures. Here are some essential advantages:

  • It makes people curious about the construction sites. Residents began to enquire about the type and time of business establishments.
  • Compared to other advertisement techniques like monthly TV ads and past billboards, the LED crane signages are more cost-effective.
  • It reaches a large number of audiences as the large signage grabs the audience’s attention.


The mentioned above LED crane signs methods are more appropriate and grab more attention. You should be aware that the crane signage provided by your chosen provider is easily readable. They should be able to create and refine a process for designing, fabricating, and shipping tower crane signage anywhere. Last but not least, their offered crane signs should be larger, brighter, and more effective.