All You Need To Know About KTM 390 Adventure

Amid soaring hype and anticipation since its announcement, KTM 390 Adventure, at last, made its first appearance at the EIMCA 2019. Making its way into an accessible domain of adventure bikes, KTM 390 Adventure’s first look sealed the deal for many. More importantly, the bike fits the bill perfectly for bikers and two-wheeler aficionados in India.

With a formidable 373cc engine and Metzeler Tourance tyres, the bike showcases class and style with many vital upgrades. This article gives you a comprehensive perspective on the KTM 390 Adventure. 

Traction Control and Bigger Wheels

 The 390 Adventure is loaded with features to make your ride more enjoyable and hassle-free. It is built with a steel Trellis frame, as seen in the Dakar 450 Rally, for advanced traction control. The handlebar is wider and adds more comfort to the rider’s position.

The 200 mm ground clearance, along with the option to switch to the off-road ABS mode, also improves the driving experience. With new and tubeless alloy wheels, the 390 Adventure has a combination of a 19-inch front and 17-inch back wheel.

 All New and Enhanced Design

The 390 Adventure lives up to its hype with all its new design features. Unlike the 390 Duke, the Adventure model is made for riding through rough and rocky terrains. Keeping the engine the same as its predecessor 390 Duke, KTM has installed new hardware making the bike fit for the harshest adventures. 

Listed below are some features built into this adventure bike to make it suitable for the uneven territories:- 

  •     WP’s long suspension for complete shock absorption
  •     The front fork which is not adjustable with 177 mm travel
  •     Back suspension with 10-step adjustability with 170 mm travel
  •     An upgraded derivative of Rally Enduro’s chassis
  •     Slipper-clutch to avoid any slips on the rear end

 Rider Aids and Electronics

 The bike has a mobile connectivity system in its 5-inch TFT console. It works with KTM’s MrRide app and gives access to the phone’s functionality. The bike also boasts of a ride-by-wire throttle alongside ABS control options for rear wheel and cornering.

The rider can also switch the traction control. The adjustable windshield is another addition to the rider’s comfort. Apart from that, the LED tail lamps add to the vehicle’s display. 

Performance Analysis

As an adventure specimen, the 390 Adventure is not only fit for the rocky trail but also runs smoothly on the highway. The bike caters to the somewhat experienced group of riders. It’s close to negligible low-rpm demands the engine running all the time, which makes it a tiring drive.

The steering geometry, along with the tailor-made suspension and braking system, makes the ride sweeter and more effortless. The suspension is a critical factor in making the 390 Adventure worth the KTM bikes price ,to complete detail you can browse the KTM bikes price list. Its full seat might make it difficult for short riders since it is 855 mm above the ground. 

The Verdict

The 390 Adventure is made for those who love the adrenaline rush. With better suspension and adjustable traction control, the 390 adventure gives the rider better control over the drive. It is also loaded with many electronics and customizable aids to add to the rider’s comfort. It is available in India in a price range within 3 lakhs.

There are multiple colour options, such as Black-White, White, and Black-Orange. Some of the drawbacks of the bike include the absence of spoked wheels and low-down torque. But this adventure bike model makes up for these shortcomings with its packed kit of features.

Overall, the bike packs a punch with all the latest enhancements, living the expectations of people who await its launch.


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