All You Need To Know About E-JUICE

E-juice is the liquid that is placed inside the Vape pen. It produces the vapour and provides the flavour and nicotine to the Vaper. However, not all e-liquids include nicotine. Therefore, it is imperative to check the ingredients of the e-liquid before making a purchase. 

E-liquid provides the flavour by converting into a vapour, once it is heated. As the Vape pen is switched on, the battery facilitates enough energy to heat up the e-liquid. This converts the liquid into a vapour, which is inhaled by the individual who is vaping. 

As e-liquids come in a variety of flavours and options, Vape enthusiasts are able to enjoy a range of flavours, as well as nicotine strengths. This way, you can enjoy the perfect Vape, which is customised to meet your individual needs. 

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E-liquid is also known as E-juice. It is the substance used in inserting into a Vape. It gives flavour to the Vape. It is completely depending upon you, which flavours you like. Some of the most in-demand e-liquid flavours are: 

  • Dessert flavour
  • Fruit flavour
  • Menthol flavour
  • Nicotine salts flavour 
  • Tobacco flavour 

Vegetable glycerine (VG) 

Vegetable glycerine is often a shortage as it is the most likely to be used by the clients. VG is safer to inhale than other flavours like propylene glycerine. If you are looking for a healthier choice, you should take a higher ratio of VG. Although flavour strengths can be maintained by adjusting the ratio. VG also tends to produce more vapour. 

Bad-drip -God nectar:

This flavour is a blend of multiple fruits. It has 25% of PG and 7% of VG, which means it is satisfying for the Vapers. It has a low throat hit. It comes in very attractive eye catchy packaging. This is loved by most Vapers, however, it is only in single size packaging and can be used only once.

Millennial Vape juice:

It is the combination of watermelon, blueberries AND tropical fruits. It has 70% PG and 30% VG. It has a good throat hit. People who prefer hard flavour Vape prefer for themselves would enjoy this Vape juice. It is different from the other flavours Vape, but it has its own unique essence.

The best nicotine salt juices in Pakistan

In Pakistan Vape is in trend. Vape has different flavours and one of them uses nicotine salt in vapes. There are some of the nicotine salt juices in Pakistan. You can explore the variety at GG Vapes.

1) Iced Purple Bomb-VGOD salting:

There is a great use of grapes in manufacturing of many products like wines and jams. Now, it is also in use for making Vape. Grapes always have a good impact on the flavour world. It is on the top list for the e-liquid among beginners as a professional viper. This e-juice has a profound sweet and sour texture that creates a satisfying throat-hit for a vaper. 

2) Freak out and Vape salt-coffee, bourbon, and tobacco.

Coffee has a very desperate fan base. People are in love with caffeine. They use it to wake up their minds. The sweet and bitter combination generates unforgettable and robust throats. 

3) Ice banana-salt plus- BLVK unicorn:

Bananas are very cheap and liked by almost every person. It is a pro fruit that fits in pudding, custards, and milkshakes. Banana flavoured Vape is very famous among youngsters. This nicotine salt e-juice offers a candy-like flavour.

4) Mint – NKD 100 salt E-juice:

In the Vape industry, mint e-juice flavour is the first one to gain fame and be liked by the people. People are still free of mind in having mint in any form. They prefer that in candies, drinks and foods. It is for everyone, there isn’t any specific limit. It freshens up the mind and gives a refreshing feel after use. 

E-liquid Tobacco Series 

  • Gold star 
  • Vanilla caramel 
  • Cuban cigar 
  • Roasted 

These all are and many more flavours introduced in Pakistan. Some are very healthy and good for youngsters. If you haven’t tried any of the E-juices of Vape. It would be great to experience by yourself.