Digital signature

The call for a Digital Asian country is stronger than ne’er before and with the bulk of the business formations and transactions changing into on-line, security of those transactions poses a significant issue. This issue is self-addressed by a Digital Signature Certificate that is actually Associate in Nursing electronic document that binds along a public key with Associate in Nursing identity and might be accustomed verify a public key belongs to a specific identity. this is often accustomed access data or services on the web and sign sure documents digitally. it’s a prescribed demand for companies’ filings and transactions through the Ministry of company Affairs e-Governance Programme and so vital that either all or a minimum of one in every of the administrators have a similar.

The provisions associated with the Digital Signature Certificate ar lined within the data Technology Act, 2000. There ar 3 categories of Digital Signatures with every for a distinct purpose:


Class one is employed foe email addresses and is that the key to spot the person related to the e-mail address. It doesn’t have any legal validity in terms of sign language of documents or authenticating them.


Essentially the foremost wide used variety of the Digital Signature Certificate; this is often employed by the Ministry of company Affairs (MCA) and also the taxation Department for e-filing and verification of Documents in Company registration, LLP Registration, IT come filing, MCA come filing and that is Code Registration. it’s granted as Associate in Nursing USB token once ascertaining identity and address proof of a personal.


this is often the foremost secure variety of Digital Signature Certificate and may be a key to making sure the identity of the person holding a similar in e-commerce, e-tendering and e-bidding as there’s the next demand for safer transactions in that. this may be used for trademark registration also. For supplying of a category three Digital Signature Certificate the Registering Authority has to verify the identity of the applier in the flesh.



For get Digital Signature Certificate, the applier will approach the Certifying Authorities that are approved by the Ministry of company Affairs during this regard and also the list of a similar is obtained at the MCA web site. These are:


National science Center(NIC)

IDRBT Certifying Authority

SafeScrypt CA Services, Sify Communications restricted

(n) Code Solutions CA


For a similar the applier would be needed to fill the appliance kind and submit a similar with original documents, or mistreatment Aadhar e-KYC primarily based authentication whereby the supporting documents won’t be needed to be submitted. The DSC is valid for a amount of 1 to 2 years and also the value of a similar varies from totally different Certifying Authorities and might usually be provided among seven operating days.