All You Need To Know About Coloured Concrete?

Concrete is the oldest and most sought-after flooring solution when it comes to the most preferred flooring option. There is a misconception that concrete flooring looks boring and dull, but as a  matter of fact, concrete is a highly versatile material, and you can transform it into various coloured options. Moreover, choosing the right colour of concrete can transform the look of your space. In this blog, we are going to discuss at length about coloured concrete solutions.

Coloured Concrete: The Right Way To Do It.

Colour mixing- The prices of colouring the concrete are very low. Just, decide the coloured pigment you want and add it to the concrete. There are different ways to achieve the same:

  • Mixing the colour pigments into¬†concrete–¬† It results in an even distribution of colour and will give a homogenous look. This is a more durable form because the colour is properly mixed, and so it will not erode with time.
  • Dusting the concrete – In this, a colour hardener is used on the top surface of the concrete. This is done when the surface is wet.
  • Acid stained method – In this, an acidic solution is used to create a unique effect. With this, you can achieve the texture of marble or even stones.¬†

Apply The Sealant- Once you have mixed the colour with the concrete, your next move is to seal the surface using the sealant. This will keep the look of the flooring intact, and also prevent the stains from affecting the surface. Remember, the sealant is paramount here. 

Choose The Right Colour- When you start exploring the different colour option, you will find so many choices. So, how do you make the right call? Well, for a start, you have to decide what kind of look you want to achieve. If you are unsure, seek assistance from a professional concreter. They have expertise in the field, thus will make it easy for you to choose the colours that complement the walls and furnishing. 

An important point that you must not miss is to verify the colour properly in advance. Remember, the final colour on the floor and the ones on the brochure may vary. Hence, you must have a look at the sample product before making the final call. 

Design OptionsРWhen you are looking for colouring the concrete, make it versatile by adding designs to it. You can create different textures on the flooring. Most of the concreters use stencils or stamping. Adding aggregators like sand or gravel can give a completely different texture to the flooring. 

Stamping And Stencilling Can Add Patterns

Stamping- In this case, the concrete is poured in and then embossed when the concrete is wet.

StencillingРIn this, a stencil is laid over the existing concrete, and then the colour is sprayed on it to create the desired design.  

Costing Of Coloured Concrete: 

If you want to go ahead with coloured concrete, you will have to pay somewhere between $75 to $90 per square metre. And if you want to add a decorative option, be ready to shell somewhere close to $150 or even more. So, if you are opting for stamping and stencilling, then you have to pay some extra amount. 

This cost will be lesser if you are covering the existing concrete. However, if you want to level the surface, first treat the surface to prepare it for stencilling or stamping.


This was all you need to know about coloured concrete. If you are looking for the best results, you must choose an experienced and qualified concreter.