All You Need to Know About Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay, formed from volcanic ashes, dates back into the very old days, where it was used as a remedy both internally and externally for many things. It’s packed with nutrients and minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and zinc and provides a great deal of benefit to one’s skin and health.

While the clay was originally discovered in France, you can now find it in many other parts of the world, readily available for you to make the most out of. Here are a few things you should know about bentonite clay.

Benefits of using bentonite clay

Rids Oily Skin – whether you have oily or acne prone skin, bentonite clay helps absorb and remove the excess sebum, however if you have dry skin or sensitive skin, make a habit of checking with your dermatologist first.

Removes impurities – from removing impurities on the skin to ridding the body of unnecessary toxins, it is known to help remove such impurities including clogged pores. If you’re wondering where to buy bentonite clay, Australia has some great options.

where to buy bentonite clay
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Glowing Skin – bentonite clay is known to contain silica. This mineral is known to help provide oxygen which keeps your skin feeling hydrated and healthy at all times. Silica also makes you skin smooth and silky at all times.

Acts as an anti-bacterial – it’s also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help with issues such as insect stings, rashes, skin irritation or infections and even allergic reactions on your skin. It also acts as a great sunscreen.

Stimulates immune system – bentonite clay helps boost your immune system from fighting off bacteria that causes you to fall ill to cleansing your body from unnecessary waste and toxins and helping with digestion. Remember to take it in small quantities only.

Renews skin cells – collection of dead cells on your skin can cause uneven tone and texture. With the help of bentonite clay, you scrub off the dead skin cells allowing space for new ones. This helps maintain a balanced and good complexion.

Purposes of using bentonite clay

Face Mask or Cleanser – mixing the powder with a bit of water can help turn it into clay that can be applied on your skin as a mask or used as a cleanser in order to remove all impurities.

Hair Mask – whether you use it as a hair mask or shampoo, the presence of natural minerals helps keep your hair healthy and maintain growth. From moisturizing and condition to keeping it silky and reducing frizz, it does it all.

Teeth Whitening – mixing a bit of powder with water and using the tar like paste to brush your teeth helps rid your teeth of discolouration. This is also used as an ingredient in toothpastes.

Internal Detoxifier – while using it as face mask, cleanser etc can help detoxify your skin; bentonite clay can also help detoxify your internal gut system by cleaning it out completely.

Remember never to overuse bentonite clay as it can cause too much drying.