All You Need To Know About Bathroom Shower Screens

Showerheads are one of the most essential accessories in the bathroom as they are used for bathing and maybe other purposes. However, every shower needs a shower screen as it acts as a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Shower screens are permanent fixtures over curtains, and they can stop water from getting everywhere while you have a shower. 

Just like bathtubs or shower heads, shower screens come in various shapes and sizes and may have other functionalities. So, if you want a perfect enclosure door for your shower, consider installing a shower screen by Beach Glass. Here are a few things about shapes and sizes that you might as well consider before you install them in your bathroom, so continue reading to learn more about them and pick the right one for your bathroom. 

1. Straight Shower Screens: Straight shower screens can be fitted into an L-shaped or straight shower for a simple, minimalistic look. They can be great options as they are fuss-free for bathroom that needs to accommodate small toddlers, children, or people with different accessibility needs. A long screen can add extra splashing and a touch of luxury for family bathrooms, while the shorter one can work well for a small bathroom layout. 

2. Folding Shower Screens: Folding shower screens can also be installed in an L-shaped or straight bathroom and come in both outward and inward folding designs. This kind of shower screen is excellent for small bathroom layouts as it will save space while getting and coming out of the shower. You can get it installed in the bathroom with the help of professionals from shower screen replacement Adelaide.

3. Curved or L-shaped Shower Screens: Curved or L-shaped shower screens are amazingly designed to fit perfectly over your L-shaped or curved bath shower. It is usually installed in one corner of the room where the shower is installed. Curved or L-shaped shower screens give your space a very bespoke finish, make it easy to access, and ensure the entire bathroom remains clean and dry. 

4. Sliding Shower Screens: Sliding shower screens are another phenomenal screen that gives a touch of luxury to your bathroom. It allows you to incorporate a screen that can extend across the length of your bathroom. The sliding shower screen’s sliding functionality makes it easy for you to access it without compromising on space or anything else. So, install them in your shower if you enjoy aesthetically appealing accessories. 

Wrapping Up

Shower screens are an amazing accessory in your bathroom, which form an enclosure around the shower to stop water from going everywhere. It also gives a very sleek and minimalistic finish if installed correctly. There are different types of shower screens from which you can choose for your shower style and size. So, to install or incorporate them in your bathroom, contact experts from Beach Glass, who will help you fit shower screens perfectly.