All you need to know about Azerbaijan before traveling

There are different things you need to know before applying for an Azerbaijan visa, Azerbaijan is a country with a mix of Persian, Turkish, and deep Russian cultures and traditions. These people are a bit traditional in their cultures, the  Azerbaijan e visa is an attractive document for the foreigners but you need to do some important things about this country.

Register yourself with Migration service: It is to register yourself to the migrations service center if you need to spend more than 10 days in the country. Some hotels and motels do the registration process by themselves, but you need to check if you are registered in the migration service center. All you need to do is visit the website and register yourself. Try to read out these instructions before applying for the Azeri visa.

Try to avoid Political discussion: Try to avoid the political discussion with any Azerbijnai, as you may talk something about Armenia as the two countries are at war with each other on a disputed territory Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azerbaijani are forced to leave the place and it has become a place of great emotion for the  Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijan visum is easy to get but it is better to follow these instructions.

Don’t make a fuss in the streets:

Before getting the  Azerbaijan visa, try to understand that Azerbaijan is a clean country and you also avoid any fuss in the streets of Azerbaijan. Remember don’t litter and rubbish in the streets of Baku as it is quite annoying for the people to make rubbish in the streets of Baku. People do feel quite annoyed in making fuss everywhere, so be clean and pure during your stay in the country. The Azerbaijan visa authorities recommend knowing the culture of the country before visiting the country.

Be polite to the women: There is a special place for women in the Azerbaijani culture, if you are traveling in the bus, you would see men are standing and women sitting on the seats as men always try to give respect to the women. You need to make the same gesture and it is seen as quite respectful if you are not caring for the women, as women have a special place in the Azerbaijan culture. You need to do the same to become a part of this wonderful society.

Avoid taking Taxi from the Baku Airport: Try to Avoid taking a Taxi from the Baku Airport as the Taxi driver try to charge over price to the tourist in the country, You need to walk out of the Heydar Aliyev International Airport and you would see an Airport Express bus taking the tourist for every 30 minutes to the Baku Metro station and this, not a long journey, it doesn’t take a lot reach, from this palace, you can anywhere in the country.

Conclusion: It is necessary to apply for the Azerbaijan visa, as there is general information about the country and it can be quite important for you to enjoy your visit to the country. The Azerbaijan e visa is easy to get but you need to know about the culture and the tradition of the country.

Jennifer Alex

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