All-time Favorite Pieces of Ergonomic Office Furniture Designed by Flexispot

The world is fast embracing the campaign for remote working and WFH. Thus, Flexispot has designed some fantastic office pieces to help you adapt faster to this unexpected shift. So are you ready to learn about the latest and most luxurious creations? Read on for more details.


Many remote and office workers haven’t understood the unimaginable and extraordinary goodies that technology has in stock for them.

Thanks to advancements in tech, you don’t have to restrict yourself to those traditional office chairs, desks, and interiors in your corner. You deserve maximum comfort and coziness while working!

And with Flexispot, that age-long dream is about to come to reality. We have some latest, most reliable, and most durable ergonomic office furniture you can use to turn around your work life.

Even if you’re an employer, you should see these ergonomic office pieces of furniture as the best gifts to give your employees. And like investments, you’ll soon see massive returns in no time.

This guide will also show you how these pieces of ergonomic office furniture enhance your seating posture, improve your productivity, and spice up your overall office lifestyle. Let’s roll!

All-time Favorite and Luxurious Ergonomic Furniture

You should note that all these pieces have gone through a series of tests and they have been endorsed to meet and outrank international standards. In other words, they’re safe and healthy for your use.

EB012 Adjustable Bed Base

Would you love to experience a transformed and more intense nighttime rest? Your answer lies in EB012 Adjustable Bed Base

So you need to get rid of that old and creaky bed base in your bedroom. The most interesting part of this piece of furniture is that it’s compatible with most mattresses. Yours is latex, memory foam, gel, or hybrid? Flexispot has you covered! Based on your preferred angle, you can adjust the bed base to give you a perfect head incline between 0° and 60°. And you can also regulate the foot incline from 0° to 35° until you find the best angle.

But of what essence are the foot and head inclines? You’ll be free from snoring, back pain, and swelling. Meanwhile, your heart health will pace up and the acid reflux in your body system will be utterly dealt with.

And if your spouse just got pregnant, EB012 Adjustable Bed Base should be your first gift for her because it was designed to strike out every form of discomfort experienced by its users.

Going further, we’ll advise that you also invest in this bed base, especially if you’re suffering from back pain or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The base has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, so you have the freedom to lie down in any position of your choice without worrying about its stability.

It is very easy to install and it comes with anti-slip felt stickers and a retainer bar to provide you with the needed support and defense.

We also understand that you might have other under-bed storage purposes, so the bed legs are available in 3 different height levels – 3″, 6″, and 9″. Go for your choice!

It has 6 legs, so tipping over is not possible here. Get your EB012 Adjustable Bed Base today!

ESD101 Studio Standing Desk

As the name suggests, the ESD101 Studio Standing Desk is a round peg in a round hole if you’re into music creation or video editing.

Oh, you’re more of a music enthusiast? Having this standing desk in your studio guarantees absolute comfort and luxury. All you have to do is place the order.

And if you’re working from home, office, or any remote location, ESD101 Studio Standing Desk also comes in handy for you. It has a very reliable and sturdy frame that gives you an immaculate switch between all the height levels.

That is, the chair has various height levels. All you have to do is lower or lift the standing desk to your position with a single tap of a button.

So if you’ve always been looking forward to when your session while composing in the studio will be filled with productivity and flexibility, you don’t need to search further – ESD101 Studio Standing Desk is here!

Apart from a spacious working desktop, it has a top shelf that can house your accessories such as speaker monitors and 2 display monitors.

Do you have a knack for other interests? You can also use the ESD101 standing desk for your gaming desk, DJ turntable, or recording platform for your podcasts.

The keyboard has the capacity of carrying up to a 88 keyboard tray and 70 pounds. And your safety is also guaranteed, thanks to the inbuilt anti-collision feature.

Get your ESD101 Studio Standing Desk while the offer lasts!

Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14

The Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14 is specially designed to give you the natural seating posture. And it has a modern and sophisticated design that guides and corrects your body posture immediately after you sit on it.

Truth be told, the chair is stylishly built to spice up your office interiors. So if you want to make your workstation the center of attraction, here’s your chance with Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14.

Apart from the comfy armrests and 100% stability, there are other mouthwatering features that we won’t advise you miss them.

For instance, the chair’s adjustability and flexibility are second-to-none. And to minimize the pressure associated with sitting, the headrest is built with an arch-shaped concept and it pushes your cervical vertebrae into their natural position. Innovative!

There’s also aluminum alloy chassis that shields your floor from dents or marks while moving the chair around the room.

Get your Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14 here and start your journey to a serene work-life!


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