A couple of lovers in the most ceremonial highlight moments in love, a small event that called relatives and friends to witness happiness, a starting symbol, scrupulous grandeur and face. I want to say that maybe it is not all right, the wedding itself is a test.

Sometimes, it is a contradictory combination that brings all the contradictory characters together. Parents, relatives and friends on both sides, face-saving, talking and spending money. In the movie, the less earthy expression is, “My dad wants you to resign and take over the family business. My parents are also for our good.”

Sometimes, it is a detail room that magnifies all details. Respect, match, truth and hypocrisy. In the TV series, the less common but objectively existing wedding trap is, “I think you two are wrong, I am his favorite. He goes to and from Shenzhen and Shanghai countless times every month. One belongs to our home. “

 So art comes from life. I know that some people have thrown out this topic before the forum and caused super hot discussions. #When you attend the wedding, can you see at a glance that this marriage will not last long? #There are more than 1,200 answers under the question, which witnessed at least 1,200 weddings where the protagonist truly separated. And parting ways are already foreshadowing at that meeting.

1. The bridegroom implicitly suppressed the bride in the affectionate confession link. After a few years, the lines have not been memorized, about this way:

 “Although you are not beautiful, you are not tall enough, you are not good enough, you don’t work hard enough, you don’t earn enough money, your temper is a little bad, and you are greedy and lazy, but I still love you …” The next laugh.

 I guess the bride must be very embarrassed. Such a wedding confession is estimated to leave a psychological shadow for a lifetime. Although the groom said “I still love you”, if a man really loves a woman, he will never suppress her in front of outsiders.

2. To accompany a friend to a wedding, just stand near the starting point of the red carpet and watch. The bride and groom stood side by side at the beginning of the carpet, the wedding march sounded, the bridegroom walked alone, and the bride dragged the back of the wedding dress, because the wedding dress was too inconvenient to run. The two had been separated by a distance of two meters, the wedding march was halfway through, and the couple had already approached the master of ceremonies.

It is estimated that it was introduced by a blind date, without feelings.

3. The wedding photographer answered the most suitable. Just look at whether the bride is looking squarely at her mother-in-law. Those who do not want to face their mother-in-law are generally not very satisfied with their marriage.

Most brides do not know the reason, and they did not look at their in-laws on the wedding day. We generally have to capture such a shot, but the success rate is not high. I once captured a bride holding a cornucopia with a smile on her face, and was about to hand it to her mother-in-law. A few meters behind the bride, her mother was also happily looking at the girl from his girl to his wife. But you can still see smiles blooming. This piece has been remembered for many years.

 In the same way, mother of the bride dress is not beautiful and can explain the problem

4. In the 10 weddings attended, the bridegroom of 8 occasions will glance at beautiful bridesmaids or beautiful female guests when the bride is not paying attention. When I found out about this, I began to observe it deliberately, without looking too little too little.

Regardless of whether such a marriage can last in the future, anyway, I am a little more ridiculous about the word “marriage”. It seems that few are married for true love, and most of them are partners to live a normal life in the eyes of others.

5. Conflicts and conflicts broke out at the wedding, in fact, not the right person.

6. There was a time when I was a wedding ceremonial to make extra money, so the angle may be different from everyone’s.

During the communication for about an hour, almost only the mother of the prospective bridegroom communicated with me. I had to ask about the size of the wedding, not only the wedding process, but also the music, and even the color of my tie. It seemed very strong. On the prospective newcomer’s side, the woman lowered her head to play with her cell phone. The man followed her mother’s promise, and occasionally had personal opinions. They were all carried away by their mother and had no chance to tell me the true state of their relationship. Later, this wedding was lackluster, and all were handled in accordance with the advice of the groom’s mother. The new couple looked like a pair of puppets

Why can the details of the wedding have such a great effect? It’s like the most important day of your life, just like the college entrance examination, you must use 100% of the energy to deal with and manage, even if you are not happy, you can effectively turn the tide and pretend.

On such a day, they can still quarrel and not give in to each other, indicating that the problem is deep and that it has been unhappy. If you do n’t care, you ’re never worried. In the end, the truth is that the nature of the mind is undecided. The vows are fragmented, and the consensus that the husband and wife treat each other equally has not yet been reached. For those who dare to make great strides into marriage without an emotional foundation, they may have to taste some hardships that even ordinary people cannot live a happy life after working hard. Life is hard to live, and love is more luxurious.

 The wedding is the most exposed. The way to deal with wedding trivia is the appearance of how to deal with things after marriage. Someone summed it up more concisely, “The state of a couple before marriage is largely a simplified version of their married life.” This reminds me of Gu Huishan and An Zaixian who divorced not long ago.

Gu Huishan is a talented woman who is “heart-stirring and hot-handed.” She can hammer some exquisite rebuttals with simple words and relying on one person’s voice. Those calm and sad words, just read it once, you can feel the pain she is in. Because of these pains, most people naturally stood by her side.

 “He just loved me for a very short time.” “Like convincing me to get married, also take responsibility to convince me when divorcing.”

“I am a ghost living at home. The woman you loved so much became a zombie.” Woman in sexy nighties have no temptation

But apart from these famous words that can be passed on by word of mouth, there are actually many details in Gu Huishan’s speech. For example, at the wedding, their differences have already appeared.

An Zaixian said in an interview that after the end of the “Blood” play, the two spent some time making a marriage plan, and finally agreed not to hold a wedding, but donated the cost of marriage to the pediatric ward. The last two did eat only with their parents and relatives. Gu Huishan did not wear a veil and a wedding dress and wedding shoes, No glitter shoes .only a simple dress. However, in the later public journal of Hui Huishan, all the expenses for donation were donated by her.

Assuming that it is the woman ’s idea, everything is clear. The boys only bear the reputation of being good, and not accepting weddings or donating to charity. These ideas are also accepted because of love, not from the heart. You can’t say no love at this time, but it’s already “disagreement”.

 Gu Huishan must add a salary called “Housewife” to the cost of divorce. I’m afraid that An Jae Hyun has never understood it. The wife he married was a thoughtful, talented, and very modern woman. She hoped that both love and housework would be treated equally. Even if they divorced, they would have to persuade each other. Understand the level of the wife. Unhappy in the life after marriage, foreshadowing from the wedding.

 Gu Huishan said at the beginning: I made up my mind to get married because I said to go to the left, even if Ann didn’t agree, he would still follow me obediently. But she was so smart that she should have realized from the beginning that at first she should find someone who wanted to go to the left.

Of course, there is no good ending, and the good ones are true. We all still remember that at the Shuangsong wedding, because the weather was too cold, the man kept covering his hands, rubbing his hands, and putting his breath on his lips. Their interaction is also sealed in that space. The seal may say: Don’t deceive yourself by indulging in love.