All the World’s A Stage

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”

– William Shakespeare

Theatre has always played an essential role in human life because it has always enabled people to reflect on their lives by helping them adopt a different perspective. It shows them psychology, humanity, conflict, motivations, and the resolution to everything that happens on the stage. William Shakespeare was quite honest when he compared the stage to how people function in the world. Theatre helps people adopt a different perspective and reminds them that they are not alone. In many ways, theatre and film are much alike because they narrate stories dramatically. Rebecca Berrih is one woman who truly understands the importance of theatre and film in human life. 

Born on the 25th of January 1980, in Paris, France, Berrih is known for producing Beyond the Sky, a 2018 American science fiction film written and directed by Fulvio Sestito. Sestito made his directorial debut through Berrih’s film. Starring Ryan Carnes, Claude Duhamel, Jordan Hinson, Martin Sensmeier, Peter Stormare, Don Stark, and Dee Wallace, the film has acquired great success enabling Berrih to form a permanent place in the film industry.

Berrih is not only a producer but is also a director. As one of the highly experienced producers, she has produced numerous short films comprising the award-winning short film, 2 Scoops of Love, that she co-wrote and directed. Apart from this movie, Berrih has also co-written the story of Beyond the Sky and is known for her other films, namely, Falling into Focus and Heaven. From her success, it can be concluded that Berrih understands the importance of films in people’s lives. 

Films are simply another form of theatre. The presentation of drama in theatre and film is quite the same because both narrate stories dramatically. Both showcase the enactment of scenes by performers who act and speak as if they are the people they represent. The only difference between theatre and film lies in the performer’s relationship with the audience. For instance, as far as theatre is concerned, the performer’s presence is vital, but this is not true as far as films are concerned. Still, Shakespeare’s notion of how all the world is a stage can be deemed valid for whatever is presented in films. 

Throughout her career, Berrih has discussed the role that movie theatres have played in the past. As someone who is genuinely passionate about films, her passion gives her a unique perspective on the value and longevity of movie theaters. Berrih started her career in entertainment by creating trailers. Still, she has become an experienced professional producer who has been working on several different projects. The director and producer also proclaims that she believes a theatrical release is still the most prestigious way of releasing a movie. According to her, if someone has a great film that goes out in movie theaters, it’s the most significant ROI possible if it performs well. This then illustrates how Berrih understands the importance of movie theatre and how she considers it a superior way to release one’s film. 

From what one sees of Berrih, in all of the ways she has acquired success in life, it is natural to call her a problem-solver. For anyone who is a producer and who wishes to be successful, problem-solving is an important skill to have. Berrih, for instance, is always finding ways to work around unexpected difficulties and issues. Not only this, but she also looks for better ways to do things so that when she completes each film, it will look better than its budget allows. Having understood the importance of theatre and film in human life, Berrih has successfully mastered the art of filmmaking and narrating stories through this medium of storytelling.


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