All About The Flying Squirrel Care!

Flying Squirrels are very fun pets to have. They form extremely strong bonds with their owner and are truly fascinating to observe. Many of us do not realize this, but these animals have actually been kept as pets for many years!

The minimum cage size to stay between one and three flying squirrels is 2 feet long by two feet tall by one foot deep. You ought to get a wire cage instead of a glass cage in order that they can climb and obtain more air circulation. They’re going to need a nest box up the cage to sleep in. Put the nest box at the highest of the cage because flying squirrels like to be up high. Bedding made out of cotton should be utilized in the box. Don’t use anything containing rayon or polyester.

At the rock bottom of the cage, you’ll get to have some quiet rodent litter. Don’t use cedar or pine shavings though. These can cause respiratory problems. They’re going to also need a bottle and a running wheel. Hamster wheels are too small, so you’ll get to get an eleven-inch ferret wheel.

You should feed your squirrel a really good diet. Feed primarily nuts and fruits. An honest diet would be many peanuts, a couple of pecan halves, a couple of walnut pieces, a bit of apple and a bit of orange. They ought to be fed each night. Any fruit that’s not eaten should be removed daily. Forty percent of the diet should be fruits. This may keep their gastrointestinal system working correctly. Fruits that are good for them are apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, plums and pears.

Try to get your squirrel once they are young in order that they can quickly bond to you. A day you ought to carry them in your shirt pocket for a couple of hours in order that they can get won’t to your scent, hear your heartbeat and feel your body heat. You’ll also get a bonding pouch if you do not want to use your shirt. Just confirm the squirrel is on the brink of your body. This may really help your squirrel to bond with you. Once your squirrel is bonded to you, it’ll start to interact with you all the time. It’s truly a joy to observe. They’re going to also start to fly to you from places.

Flying squirrels are especially susceptible to developing a calcium deficiency. Because they’re nocturnal, they’re not exposed to the sun. The sun gives off vitamin D3, which is required to soak up calcium. If your squirrel develops calcium deficiency their hind legs can become paralyzed and that they can even die. Attempt to give your squirrel foods that are high in vitamin D3. Aside from this, flying squirrels are very healthy and don’t get diseases. Their body actually secretes oil that repels bugs and this is often probably why they do not get diseases.

If you’re taking excellent care of your squirrel, it can live to be up to fifteen years. Attempt to spend the maximum amount of time together with your pet as you’ll. This may make your squirrel extremely friendly. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, then click here.

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