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Goa has always been high on the list of tourist destinations in India. People from India and across the world come down to Goa to enjoy its serene beaches and ancient architecture. Goa is known for its delicious seafood and vibrant club life. The beautiful city of Goa can be easily reached via air, road, and rail. But for many, the Mumbai to Goa train gives them the added advantage of mixing work with leisure. All those who travel to Mumbai for work often do not miss heading to Goa for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Without a doubt, the Mumbai to Goa train is the most comfortable and economical mode of travel over this beautiful stretch. 

As the Mumbai to Goa train route is immensely popular among travellers, scores of people avail of the online train ticket booking service to confirm their ticket reservation. For passenger convenience, a total of 41 IRCTC trains run on this route. They operate on different times and days. The fares of these trains are different to cater to the budget requirements of varied passengers. To name a few, travellers can choose from Rajdhani, Tejas, and special express trains that are especially run during festive months to cater to the huge rush.  

Due to this heavy rush, one of the basic requirements of the passenger is to know about the availability of tickets and ticket confirmation. The service to check the train live running status on map further provides real-time updates about the train status. Remember, all these travel-related services must be checked by any reliable and authorized IRCTC official partner to get accurate results.  

Things To Consider When Booking Mumbai to Goa Train Tickets Online

To ensure that you have a fulfilling trip, several things must be kept in mind while finalizing your travel plans.  

Ticket Price 

When booking a ticket for Mumbai to Goa train, the first thing to understand is the train ticket price. As several trains are running on this route, each offers a different set of facilities and travel pleasure. Understanding the features of every train will help you plan your trip more effectively and stay within budget.  

Stops Enroute

The distance between Mumbai and Goa is around 600 km. But different trains running on this route take different times to cover the distance. There are multiple stations en route where the train may have a scheduled halt. Seek help from the train timetable to get accurate details of the train boarding stations. This is a crucial factor that affects train ticket prices. The express trains cover the distance quickly. Therefore, the ticket fares are higher and vice versa. So, depending upon where you want to board the train from, book your Mumbai to Goa train ticket accordingly. 

Travel Class

The different trains of the Indian Railways offer different travel class facilities. AC First Class, AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, Sleeper Class, and General Class; are the options galore. The ticket fares are linked to the travel class privileges. They are higher for higher-class travel. It is important to choose the travel class depending on how you wish to travel. 

Ticket Availability And Demand

As the Mumbai to Goa train route is one of the busiest train routes in India, ticket availability is always a concern. During peak travel seasons and festivals, the demand increases further. The train ticket fares are also dependent upon these factors. So, in case your travel plans are flexible, opt for off-season travel dates and prefer to travel on weekdays rather than weekends. 

Booking Time Flexibility

One good idea for a Mumbai to Goa train travel is to pre-book your tickets in advance. The train booking window allows passengers to book up to 120 days before the date of travel. This not only helps you get train tickets that are confirmed and reserved but also helps you get the advantage of cheaper fares as compared to last-minute Tatkal ticket booking. Also, being flexible with your travel dates helps find better deals. The ticket fares are lower for travel on weekdays and during non-peak hours.

PNR Status Check And Live Train Mapping

We have all heard about a popular idiom – ‘there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip’. Despite all ticket bookings in place, things may still go wrong at the last moment. But with the availability of online travel-related services, the odds of wrongs are reduced further. It is better to do a PNR status check to know the exact status of your train ticket. This will help you know if you have a confirmed reservation or a Reservation Against Cancellation. Likewise, trains may run late due to several reasons. A check for train live running status on map will help you know the exact status of your train, thus, avoiding any cases of prolonged waiting at the railway platforms. 


Goa is the party capital of the country. If you are also one of those who is heading to the buzzing city to relax and rejuvenate, the city has much to offer. Travel by air, road, or rail; all routes have their pleasure. But amongst all, the Mumbai to Goa train attracts the most rush. This is because the trains are quick, comfortable and economical. So, be proactive in your booking and choose from the varied segment of trains that operate under the Indian Railways. To make your travel more interesting and intriguing, avail the numerous travel-related services offered online by a reliable IRCTC partner. Do not forget to do a train live running status on map to check if you want to order food on the train. The online facility helps you order your favourite food and get it delivered to your seat. All in all, the Mumbai to Goa train journey can be an absolute pleasure if you plan things well.


Which is the fastest Mumbai to Goa train?

Indian Railways Train No 22229 MAO VANDE BHARAT is the fastest Mumbai to Goa train. It covers the distance in 7 hr 45 min. It operates on all days except Fridays.

Which is the cheapest Mumbai to Goa train?

Indian Railways Train Number 16337 OKHA ERS EXP is the cheapest train that runs between Mumbai to Goa. It runs only on Tuesdays and Sundays. The ticket price is Rs. 215. 

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