All About Kybella Treatment & Prices

About Kybella treatment

Technically known submental fullness and double chin by amateurs has become a problem for every third person of united states. It not makes face ugly but is also considered a sign of aging and obesity which obviously lowers the confidence of an individual. These large sags are also responsible for undefined jaw line. But fortunately, Kybella treatment is a rescue to all these double chin problems. It comes in the form of injections under the chin. After over 20 clinical studies including 1600 patients, this injectable treatment is approved by United States Food and Drug Administration.

What is Kybella

The FBA approved injection is invented to unable people to got rid of that rigid double chin fat or submental fullness. Be mindful that it’s a prescription medication and can only be authorized by a trained medical professional, plastic surgeon or by an expert dermatologist.

Please note the following important points about the kybella treatment.

* Other fat areas in the body cannot be treated by it except the double chin.
* It is not safe and effective to treat double chin of children below 18.
* Kybella should be avoided injecting of there’s an infection in the area.

How does it work

The active ingredient in kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid which is an artificial copy of salt found in bile acid produced naturally by the body. This acid aids in the permanent absorption, excretion and breakdown of the dietary fat. Synthetic deoxycholic acid dissolves the fat cells under the chin that eventually causes in reduction of the double chin. The fat is then slowly eliminated by the body’s immune and excretory system. Resultantly, your double chin will either be reduced to a great extent or be completely gone after a few treatments depending upon the severity of the double chin fat.

Once the double chin fat is gone, these fat cells then can neither grow or nor require any further treatment. But other factors might contribute to the increase in the chin fat particularly, weight gain.

How much does Kybella priced

The cumulative cost of the Kybella Treatment includes the cost of the injection as well as the fee charged by the clinical professional, plastic surgeon or whichever professional prescribed you the treatment. Make sure the specialist you consider have the appropriate degrees, training and license so that you can be rest assured that your treatment is I n the right hands. Other than the doctor’s fees there are many factors that influence the final cost of the Kybella treatment.

Factors that Influence the cost of the Kybella treatment are as follow:

  • Area under which chin at is spread, larger the area, larger would be cost.
  • Fees of the trained specialist
  • Distance from your place to the specialist
  • The amount of the kybella treatment injections
  • Severity of the double chin
  • The amount of kybella to be injected within one treatment

    On an average, the two kybella treatment price ranges from $800 and $3000 (est.) prices could be higher or lower. Basically, it depends on the area of the double chin, the larger it is, the more injections are required and eventually it involves higher costs.

    At times people only need two treatments to get rid of that under chin fat, in that case the cost would be below $3000. On the other hand in some cases to complete clean out the fat one may require four to six treatments which will eventually raise the cost to $9000 or more. 

Where To Buy and How To Buy

Many a times people read about Kybella and have many questions like Is it legal to purchase or when and how to buy it. Kybella can only be available through a proper doctor prescription. We recommend you to thoroughly go through the specialist’s degree, training and past experiences to be more sure.

Is kybella Covered by Insurance

Since the fat under the chin is not considered as dangerous or life-threatening therefore, generally it is considered a cosmetic procedure and resultantly the cost of Kybella injections and any complications if any is not covered by the health insurance providers.

We recommend you to be very clear about the cost of the first injection with your medical specialist so that you can prepare prior for all the finances needed in the process of the whole treatment. Accordingly, you can decide on the mode of the payments either with your savings, bank loans or your credits cards. 

The kybella treatment might be burdensome initially but if you compare it to other related surgeries like liposuction or neck lift then it is much more affordable yet effective. Also there is less risks and side effects involved with kybella  treatment than the other two. In a Nutshell
Kybella is a treatment in form of injections to reduce or vanish the double chin fat. You are going to love the gradual results of the treatment and attain a slimmer and sharp jaw line face.