All About Israel and Palestine Conflicts

Britain gained control of what is now called Palestine after their ally the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War One. The land originally occupied by both an Arab majority and Jewish minority, however only one group would remain following independence from Britain on May 15th, 1948, which led to increased tension between these two populations that are still present today

The former British protectorate became a Test recreate aka “the birthplace” because it had been used as such during Totaling’s times while Palestine’s history dates back over thirty thousand years ago when stone tools were found there alongside animal bones.”

The conflict between the two peoples began when Britain assigned them a task of establishing “a national home” in Palestine for Jewish people. For many centuries, this land had been considered by Jews as their ancestral home but also against its claim that there were other Palestinians who opposed any move away from Jordanian control on what they saw as integral parts within themselves – especially since most international organizations endorsed transferring populations around these areas at least temporarily until peace could be negotiated between all parties involved so some kind of compromise could suffice instead permanent exile which seemed unlikely given how long wars last nowadays anyways?

When Jews were being slaughtered in Europe, they looked to Palestine for a promised land. The number of arrivals grew throughout the 1920s and 1930s as many fled from persecution that would soon come with World War II (the Holocaust). Violence between Arabs living there or against British rule also increased during this time period; but it wasn’t until 1947 when UN voted recommendation ally dividing up Israel into two states – one aramic-Palestinian Christianity subset along religious lines while leaving out any mention about violence Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s death had anything doe swith politics nor did woodsides because both sides rejected idea.

The creation of Israel and the ‘Catastrophe’

When the British ruled Palestrina, they left and Jewish leaders declared that Israel would be created. Many Palestinians opposed this decision but a war followed anyway because of troops from neighboring Arab countries invading into what is now called “Al-Nakba”, which means “The Catastrophe” in Arabic . Hundreds of thousands were forced out or fled during this time period while others lost their homes completely due to fighting between Israelis on one side and those who wanted an independent Palestine – including Jordanians, Egyptians etc.. By month three decades later with ceasefires holding back both sides until today–Israel controls most areas along its borderlines.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been going on for decades. Jordan occupied land which became known as “the West Bank,” while Egypt held Gaza strip after its occupation in 1967 Arab- Israeli War (Six Day). Jerusalem was divided into two parts, with Israelis living to their west of city limits while Jordanian soldiers were stationed eastwards at Al Aqsa Mosque compound – causing more fighting amongst both sides without any peace agreement ever signed so they could discuss how much each side should give up or lose territory wise before talks begin again about ending this war that never seems ready end yet continues growing stronger day by.