All About Anal Cancer

Anal cancer is not a common type of cancer. This malignancy involves the anus or the opening of the rectum. 

Who Are Mostly Diagnosed With Anal Cancer?

People who are generally above the age of 60 years are prone to anal cancer. Anal cancer is common with men before the age of 35. And in females, this type of cancer is found after the age of 50. According to some research, this cancer is more common in single men than in married men. 

One of the major causes of anal cancer is receptive anal intercourse. Anal infection HPV is also strongly associated with this cancer. 

An oncologist has to understand the reasons for the development of cancer before initiating anal cancer treatment


Symptoms Of Anal Cancer

Some of the most common anal cancer symptoms are as follows:

  • Anal itching.
  • Anal bleeding.
  • Pain or pressure feel.
  • Unusual anal discharges.
  • Lump formation in the anal.
  • Unusual change in bowel movement.

What Are The Tests Done?

There are certain tests that are done to ensure anal cancer properly. The oncologists treat a patient on the basis of the test report evaluation. Some of the common tests that your doctor may suggest are:

  • An examination of the anal passage is the first test that is given to the patient. A digital rectum test is run in which the doctor uses lubricated gloves and inserts fingers inside the anal passage to feel any unusual growth.
  • Anescope or a small device is used to see through the canal and rectum passage for any signs of abnormality.
  • Ultrasound-wave pictures are taken to check the anal canal and the adjoining areas by inserting a probe into the anal. With the help of high-energy sound waves, pictures are created on the inside of the anal that helps the doctor to evaluate the condition.

What Are The Treatments For Anal Cancer?

You can get the best cancer treatment in India in many well-known cancer hospitals. But before anything you have to consult with a doctor and get all the primary tests done.  

After a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of the anal test reports, the oncologist will initiate the treatment that is the combination of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

Chemotherapy– This treatment involves injecting drugs into veins or taking pills of chemotherapy. Once the chemical starts traveling through the body, it starts killing the cancer cells. It has got few side effects that include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and loss of hair.

Radiation Therapy– In this treatment procedure high-powered radiation such as x-rays is used to target the cancer cells and destroy them. During this process, the patient is positioned on a table and the radiation machine will direct the radiation to the specific organ of your body or the area. There are certain after-effects of this treatment such as skin redness and soreness. 

Anal cancer requires immediate treatment and proper care. So make sure you do not delay in consulting a cancer specialist.