All About Advertise Coin Marketplace – You need to Know

Advertising Coin:

AdvertisingCoin, also named ADCO, is a decentralized resource that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. ADCO wants to become the primary means of payment in several of its online projects, more from an ecosystem related to technology.

The primary goal of this platform is the improvement of worldwide advertising places ad- country. This goal will enable business persons to advertise their goods and services to the targeted solvent customers. Moreover, each owner of the ADCO cryptocurrency will be enlisted to a passive income based on the place’s work. The ADCO cryptocurrency owners get up to 50% of the project’s profits every month, depending upon their balance of the ADCO coins.

Benefits Of Advertise Coin:

Security: The site for exchange cryptocurrency is highly protected so that the users can become sure of the safety of the coins on their balance. The Etherum intelligent contracts on the platform defend it from all types of hacking and fraud activities.

Anonymity: It is not necessary to share the users’ information to purchase and use ADCO coin. The platform makes sure 100% confidentiality of the user’s information and identity. Besides, the decentralized structure of the network removes the probability of 3rd party intervention. Interestingly, there is no central bank or official government to controls the system.

Transparency: They suddenly notify the people about all the updates related to the project. The users will always find information about the status of their balance, transaction history, partner network, and other information in their accounts.

Actual Use:  ADCO is already used as a board payment system in various online services. This makes sure the prospects and viability of the particular type of coin significantly affect the cryptocurrency exchange rate dynamics.

Additional Information (ADCO):

Advertise Exchange connects publishers and advertisers in a new world. ADCO is a Decentralized Advertise Marketplace that simplifies and standardizes data with blockchain technology.

AdvertiseCoin Is A Secure Exchanging Platform. Featured Characteristics:

AdvertiseCoin is a working system that has switched from Fiat to Crypto.

• AdvertiseCoin is interchangeable in AdExchanges for ad exchange.

• The price of services with ADCO is much lower than all the others advertising systems…

• ADCO-Earn interest rate for each day of locked tokens. Interest to 28% also available in the ICO process.

• 10% referral bonus for purchase .. + 20 ADCO for each completed registration .. via the referral link

• The price in coingecko and etherscan is $ 0.039, and from AdvertiseCoin, it is $ 0.024081

• The presale period is over very soon … The first round of ICO has started 01.April

• 100 free ADCO tokens for everyone who completes the registration.

• ICO start 10.02.21 / end 01.01.22

AdvertiseCoin (ADCO) can be used in Exchange Advertise Platform and a few more pages related to internet advertising.