Wedding Invitation Cards – An Essential Print For Wedding

Invitation cards are indispensable artistic work present to request the presence of friends, nobles, and families to felicitate with you as you are celebrating the blissful conjugal union with your love. Even with the advent of the internet, invitations cards outstand what can be referred to as relics, an old fashioned or trivial wedding print. Instead, it’s a significant relish to a wedding celebration. That’s why you deserve better than the conventional means of an old limited album of invitation cards when there’s a contemporary means, an internet surf away: offering an unlimited, easily accessible, and updated collections of wedding invitation cards customized and adaptable for your celebration. Speaking of the contemporary which is apt to plunge two hearts in a wonderful adventure to explore a glorious collection of cards and end up the lovely and thrilling hunt with a worthwhile and dream card. What exactly is this contemporary mean? An online store specially designed and dedicated to exhibiting classic invitation cards (nothing more nothing less). These cards are formed from different materials and characterized by various designs, calligraphy (styles of lettering), tone of written content, etc to appeal to your preferences and longings.

Aleyna Wedding Cards Online Store

If you are seeking a good place to start scouting for deluxe invitation cards, visiting Aleyna store means you are on target and nothing but an inch away getting your desired cards. For we have updated catalogs of high-quality wedding invitations cards well arranged for easy traversing. Without being toady, our catalog is promising as it displays the cards in pixel and size that will never allow you to miss a detail of the cards. Also, this exhibition gives you a fair visual assessment for cards as you coast through aesthetic artworks. Just imagine doing this coasting through our unique collection with your soulmate, then you will say with me how quickly time flies. Of course, is not the website (online store) dedicated to this niche, but here are our features that make customers of services refer to us as the rarest gem among stones and not a mere trinket among many baubles.

  • Assorted catalog

This is our pride and the reason for accumulating remarks from the public. That’s why our focus is to concoct and create catalogs featuring myriad and diverse of amazing cards highly-organized without sacrificing easy accessibility and surfing. This is done by categorizing invitation cards into velvet cards, acrylic cards, Muslim cards, butterfly invitation and cheap invitation cards and, lots more. Each category is renowned for a collection of stunning cards that will satisfy your cravings and priorities, and also keep you and your sweetie enthusiastic all through the hunt. Did I hear you say what a mind-blowing cards collection!

  • Affordability

Is our website just a catalog to arrest your interest and play a game with your mind(s)? No, we have prepared more in your way than our interest-arousing catalogs. We have painstakingly stated our prices for hundred of each card along with their catching image for your decision making. See how passionate we are in satisfying our customers and our keen sensitivity to their budget. We provide invitation cards for a cheap price of $8.28 for a hundred and elite cards on the high extreme side of $300 for equal pieces – you can’t say fairer than that, can you? Moreover, with the Turkish lira losing 40 percent of its value against the dollar this year – this is a genuine reason to buy from us and enjoy discounts with your dollars and pounds. Have I mentioned this earlier that you can switch to major currencies like the dollar and pound so abolishing the need to bring on a calculator which can annoy?

  • Remarkable customer services

Our reputation has remained staunch due to our unrelenting effort to adhere to a good customer-oriented approach. The urge for perfecting means in securing good customer relationships makes us abounding in nothing but the best for our highly esteemed customers. You start to testify of our unique approach to customers when you receive a copy of the design via WhatsApp immediately we received your order(s). This is just the beginning, as we have developed a prolonged and ever attentive listening ear to our clients and rounding off our services with a smart delivery of choice cards with envelopes and other card accessories.

  • Timely and reliable delivery

We have made many successful deliveries for both local clients and remotely located ones also. The tremendous success in this facet result from our formidable team devotion to excellent shipping strategy and options with the h total attention locked on to set goals. There are excellent couriers to transport and ship purchased cards to your location without incurring the delay of an additional second. Eighteen years in this business is not a joke and our experience is what you can count on. 

Our products

It is my utmost pleasure to take you in a ride through our multifaceted catalogs. However, an extensive look and consideration of these two most valued type of invitation can keep your mind exhilarating about quality cards we have all for you.

  • Acrylic invitation cards

The courteous texts are legibly printed in dexterous calligraphy on acrylics which characterized to be lightweight, optically clear, transparent, impact resistance, dimensional stable, etc. The optical clarity of acrylic cards constitutes a phenomenal and dynamic aesthetics with its environment by adopting the beauty of the object behind it as background, hence its uniqueness. It is light in weight and still offers high dimensional stability – a holy grail even for sturdiest paper.

  • Velvet invitation cards

These are cards made from velvet, and therefore retain the soft texture of its parent wooden fabric. However, it has a wide range of properties depending on the raw material used. These diverse properties agree with print to give a neat and high-quality artistic work with glossier appearance. It is lightweight, resistant to deterioration from weather elements, and culturally acceptable.