Alex Ryan Reviews – How To Make Money on Amazon?

This is a question that we are asked very often. Indeed there are many ways to create a business on the Internet and earn money using different means and different platforms. According to Alex Ryan Reviews, Amazon is one of those ways to actually make money on the internet. According to strategies you will use certain methods which will allow you to earn money on a recurring basis.

How to earn money with Amazon affiliation?

Amazon indeed offers an affiliate program that can be very profitable if you do it right. The Amazon affiliate may be used on Instagram or on Facebook or on YouTube. The Amazon Partner Club allows you to earn money online with Amazon for each product sold. The principle of Amazon affiliation

The principle of Amazon affiliation are simple:

  • You receive a percentage based on sales that were made by customers who clicked on your link.
  • It’s a bit like a sponsorship system if you prefer.
  • Once you have signed up to become an Amazon affiliate, you will be able to generate a unique link associated with your account for all of the products in the Amazon catalog.
  • The Amazon Partners Affiliate Bar allows you to generate unique links to any product on Amazon. Just share this link to start earning commissions with Amazon on sales of these products!

So you need to place your links in strategic places in order to generate maximum sales via them.

How to make money with Amazon when you are an influencer?

If you are an influencer, and you have a community of people who follow you, what will follow will be of great interest to you if you want to earn money. But if you are not an influencer, That you do not have tens of thousands of people who follow you on your Instagram account, do not panic.

In Alex Ryan Course, he assures you: he doesn’t have one either. And that doesn’t stop him from selling. So keep reading, he has another interesting method right after that. But it is first important to understand the concept of affiliation on Amazon. So let’s imagine that you are a thunder influencer.

On social networks, you have a horde of fans who KICK YOU. And that you have, say, a YouTube channel that deals with photography for example. You can very well put in the description of your video links which refer to the material which you use and which are other than Amazon affiliate links. As soon as one of your visitors buys the product you earn money by receiving a commission on sales. This commission is around 7% depending on the type of product you sell.

Affiliation is, therefore, a concrete system that allows you to earn money with Amazon.

The major advantage of making money on Amazon with the affiliate program is that you don’t have to buy the inventory to promote it.


You just need the products to be online on Amazon. The seller doesn’t matter. As an affiliate, Alex Ryan Reviews mentions, a simple (and stupid) enrollment in the program is enough to start earning money. The Amazon affiliation is, therefore, an EXCELLENT source of passive income.