Alex Mendieta – Public Speaker

Alex Mendieta is famous for a lot of wrong reasons. He is a rich playboy who is known for his rough personality. But did you know that he was a public speaker? Back in the year 2016, he was a well known public speaker. He spoke about a lot of different issues to thousands of people. Did you know what he did with the money he got through these sessions? He donated it all to various charities. Let’s get to know more about him.

Heart of Gold

No matter how rough he is verbal, one cannot deny that he does many the causes that he truly believes in. From 2013-2016, he donated the entire money from public speaking events to ‘Clown Doctor’s Charity. He had no personal gain from it, and yet, he was benevolent with his money. He even runs two self-funded charities. Many people are speculating that perhaps he is making a comeback to public speaking to get more money for these funds. The first fund is set up to support all international students. It can be quite difficult to pay for tuition when one is studying abroad.

The fund pledges to help out international students who are struggling with finances to complete their final year of education at a foreign university. The main fund is named ‘Give a child a bike’ and is dedicated to the underprivileged children in Vietnam. These children have to walk barefoot to go to school. The fund donates 500 bikes each year to these children so that they can ride them to school. It not only looks after the child’s education but his/her health as well.

A man with a lot to say

Alex Mendieta is known to hold strong views. His views might not be conventional, but he is extremely vocal about them. As a public speaker, he has often spoken about how to be successful in life. He is against conventional schools as it curbs the growth and imagination of a child. He feels that the education system is out-dated as it only helps to sharpen one’s memory. He believes that if children want to succeed, they should learn skills to help them when they are working. He has mentioned several times in his public speaking sessions that one gets paid according to the severity of the problem one is able to solve at his/her workplace. The key skills that one should have, according to Alex Mendieta, are creative and practical problem-solving skills.

Moreover, he is against the idea of dependency. He has often spoken against the idea of appeasing the minority. He believes in hard-work as it is the pillar of a strong society. Mendieta had moved away from public speaking in 2016. However, he has promised to return in 2021 as a public speaker. If you agree with his views and feel that it will be beneficial for you, you need to keep a close eye on his actions in the upcoming year.