Alex Gierczyk Aims High and Hits His Mark

For Alex Gierczyk, the sky’s the limit. The crypto native, biohacker, and serial entrepreneur has found success in every venture that he has chosen to pursue – and there have been a few of them.

Alex attended the University of Notre Dame before dropping out to start his first business. He developed a mobile game called “Starific” which 100,000 people downloaded before he founded ANG Ventures in 2016. Through ANG Ventures, he grew the largest vendor of nootropics (brain-boosting “smart drugs”) in the US and grossed over $100 million in revenue.

Many entrepreneurs would be satisfied with this kind of tremendous growth, but at 30 years old, Alex is just getting started. His interest in new technologies, programming and decentralized finance is propelling him in new directions. He has advised IntoTheCryptoverse, one of the largest crypto youtube channels; acted as the Growth Director of Darkcoin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency which became the third-largest by market cap; and mined Bitcoin in 2011.

Now, through building the DeFi money market and under collateralized loan protocol, Alex and his team aim to revolutionize the sectors of DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse to catalyze an enormous boom in the decentralized economy.

Alex has used his experience in SaaS, eCommerce, wellness, media, NFTs, and DeFi to generate over $100 million in sales. Alex taught himself Python, HTML5, MySQL, and CSS, and has strong skills in project management, negotiation, leadership, and strategic planning, as well as product design, development, demonstration, and launching skills. Gierczyk enjoys public speaking and interacting with other highly motivated individuals.

Born into a family that values education, Gierczyk continues to self-teach on a daily basis, reading on a wide variety of subjects. He has a deep desire to understand how things work and to see the world.

Currently, his life goals include becoming a leading speaker and mentoring other dynamic entrepreneurs with the strategies and methods that have helped him.

As he pivots into nurturing startups that are disruptive in the web3 ecosystem and prioritizing his involvement in cryptocurrency, it’s a pretty safe bet that Alex will set his sights even higher in the coming years.

Learn more about Alex Gierczyk on his crunchbase profile.

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