Alcoholic Drinks That Are Suitable For First-Time Drinkers

Those who feel they are ready to venture into the world of drinking for the first time should tread lightly in terms of which alcoholic drink to try. You may want to try cocktail bars like Giovanna’s Cocktails or go to a live music pub like The Rocksteady. However,  getting drunk the first time and feeling quite ill the next day does not make for a good first-time drinking experience. Here are some suggestions to help new drinkers enjoy their first drinking experience.

A glass of wine or a single beer is a good beginner’s choice.  Sweet and delicious cocktails may be tempting but may pack a punch a newbie to the drinking world is not ready for.  For instance, a Long Island Iced Tea is not a suitable choice.  That is the drinking equivalent of trying to scale Mount Everest on your first climb.  It’s something to work up to.  Remember, it is made with vodka, tequila, gin, light rum, triple sec, and a splash of cola.  There is no tea in it, just plenty of liquor.

Lemonade and beer, 50/50 mix, is a good way to start if you don’t like or are not sure how you feel about the taste of beer.  It’s called a Shandy, although lemon soda may be used instead of lemonade. The alcohol content is probably about 2.5 percent.  The advantage of trying something with a lower alcohol content the first time is that it gives you a chance to see how your body reacts to alcohol.  However, many beers have a higher alcohol content for whenever you choose to brave wading into drinking a little deeper.  Consider drinking light beer your first night out drinking.  Look for the alcohol content on the can or bottle. 4 percent is a good alcohol content to begin with.

A glass of wine is also a good beginner’s choice.  By the way, it is a myth that mixing red wine and white will make you sick.  There is no scientific evidence that it will.  However, drinking a lot of wine will most likely make you feel very hungover the next day.

So, you think you’re ready to forego the beer or wine and move on to the hard stuff.  As mentioned before, stay away from Long Island Iced Tea cocktails.  There are plenty of drinks that are kinder to your body and easier on your wallet.

A Vodka Cranberry tastes good, and you can’t taste the vodka.  It is an easy drink for you to make for yourself, and vodka is one of the less expensive liquors.  Staying with vodka, consider a Vodka Sprite.  A Vodka and Orange Juice cocktail is again both simple and less expensive.  Add a cinnamon stick to turn it into a spiced drink.  Cinnamon is healthy.

Rum and Coke is a classic.  It is another good starter drink for beginners.  Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, and Mai Tais are all rum drinks.

Although there are alcoholic drinks that might be a little muc for the first-time drinker, there are many that are fine.  One can always drink less.


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