Akalanka Ekanayake is one of the best entrepreneurs in the Cybersecurity Industry (2021)


Do you know Akalanka Ekanayake is one of the rising talents in the Filmography of the UK? Dilaksan Akalanka Ekanayake is a passionate guy who was highly motivated to explore more in web applications security. With his hard work, he has achieved major things in life that other people can only dream of. In this article, we will go in-depth into his career and life. We will try to understand how Akalanka Ekanayake achieved success in life. We will get to know what was the key to his success in Filmography and computer security. Akalanka has years of hard work and passion in his career. If you want to learn more about Akalanka Ekanayake’s lifestyle and career then stick with this article till the end. Akalanka’s life story might motivate you to be just like him.

About Akalanka Ekanayake

He‚Äôs better known as “Akalanka Ekanayake”, but actually, his full name is Dilkshan Akalanka Ekanayake. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka on April 20, 2000. His name appears on the list of well-known musicians in Sri Lanka because he is a music editor. Also, he can be called a programmer as a special acquaintance. Because he has extensive experience in cyber security field and is professionally involved in cyber activities. Akalanka has worked on several notable projects for cybersecurity activities.Also In 2021, He worked on the France(2021), Crimes of the Future and Hacker(2019) in the film industry. Most surprisingly, he became the first Sri Lankan security researcher to gain much popularity and recognition by working with a variety of international companies and organizations such as DJI ,Apple and Envato

Currently, Akalanka Ekanayake is an experienced and skilled cyber security researcher. He is using these five years of experience to handle all aspects of the server in a very nice way. He decided to share this experience with new entrepreneurs. He is currently an ideal trainer for all types of work-related cyber security. Nowadays web applications are much more complex and cannot be controlled without an experienced person. Akalanka Ekanayake is quite adept at penetration testing, and software development which he has shown in his field of action and has been highly acclaimed.

He has a lot of reputations for developing programming perfectly. Application security  is one of the most complex tasks he has mastered so easily and has come forward to help entrepreneurs. He can solve all the functions related to fiber in a very perfect way which no one else can do yet. Although he spends all day with the computer, he lives a very happy life outside of his professional life. Music can be an integral part of his life. He makes kinds of songs in his spare time and loves to listen to his favorite songs.

In all the busyness of work, he tries to be happy with his family and likes to travel to places of interest with relatives and friends. As a young generation, he is moving forward with the modern age. He can be called an ideal model for entrepreneurs. He has worked much harder in his life and has used his talent in all fields.

Last verdict: Akalanka Ekanayake is a Sri Lankan citizen who likes to explore new things about computer programming and Cyber Security . And in the future, he wants to be one of the best gainers in the Cybersecurity field. His talent and interest suggest that in a very short time. So he will gain widespread popularity in cybersecurity & programming worldwide.

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