Ajax And Its Features – Something You Must Know!

AJAX refers to be the short form of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a technique that is used to create a faster and better web application that is used to interact with the assistance of XML, HTML, Javascript and CSS. This is when they miss out on an opportunity to fetch out the best grades that they need to score well in the semester.

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Basic features of AJAX

AJAX is considered to be one of the most important parts of web application development in today’s era. Some fo the basic features that it holds in are:

  1. It is very user friendly
  2. It is a software that makes web page fast.
  3. AJAX is independent of the server technology
  4. It increases the performance of the web pages
  5. It supports live data binding
  6. It is a client-side template rendering
  7. It is a responsive user interface, etc.

With so many benefits, students tend to take up long hours of classes to understand each and every part of the AJAX properly. This makes it difficult for the students to take out time for some other activities such as- preparing for internal assessments, internships, part-time jobs, extra curriculum activities and more.

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