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New Open AI technology can make beautiful websites automatically in just 30 seconds.

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Video review for Front End only AISites

AISites   – Text From This Video

Kevin here saying hello to everybody. In this article, we’ll take a look at five programs that make use of AI in fascinating ways. For instance, I can instantly alter my voice here. I may also choose a section of a photo, and it will be removed from view without my having to do anything. What happened to my son?

I can also tell the computer to do something specific, like compose a song for the Kevin Cookie Company. That’s very impressive, you know. I was wondering whether it was too much to ask if the computer could sing it to me as well. We can both find happiness thanks to The Kevin Cookie Company. Those are but a sampling of the cases we’ll examine in this discussion.

Let’s have a look at them. The first app we’ll check out is called VoiceMod, and it lets you alter your voice in the moment. You may find links to the tool’s download in the header and the description. In order to train models, they first have voice actors record a wide variety of text. Then, you’ll be asked to talk into a microphone as your voice is instantly transformed into that of the actor.

Local OTO AISsites

After downloading and installing VoiceMod, you will be brought to the following user interface: Let’s go ahead and click on the voice box in the upper left corner; this will bring up a list of all the possible voices in VoiceMod, of which there are many. They used an actor to train a model because all of the AI voices are still in early access at the moment. Try out a few and see how they perform. I’m going to pick the narrator here.

Cookies from Kevin’s Cookie Co. are unparalleled. It must be true if such a credible person has said it. Try out some of these other people’s opinions, too. This is where I’ll activate the pilot. The pilot here, addressing you lovely ladies and gentlemen. Please note that the flight attendants will shortly be distributing delicious, freshly made cookies.

The pilot has Michael since he was selected from the character menu on the right. To further allow for character variation, Ellen might also be given a female voice. One more opinion has to be tried out. In this case, I’m going to pick Alice. Don’t stop till you’ve eaten every last cookie, youngsters.

Linka AISites OTOs

You might easily waste an entire day simply experimenting with the many voices available. The next topic is, a tool for editing images by erasing unwanted elements. I’ve arrived to, a site that lets you drag in an image to the spot where you want an object deleted.

I’ll include a picture of my son on top of a snowy hill now. You may keep working with the SD version at no cost, or you can upgrade to the HD version for a fee. I’ll keep using SD for the time being. Now I get a clear view of my son up close as he stands on this snowy cliff. My son has to be highlighted, and I’ve already chosen the appropriate brush size below.

I’m going to select his full body and then let go of the mouse so the AI can work its magic. Oh, my goodness! The shot no longer features him in any way, and it has even restored parts of the original backdrop. Here I can revert to the version of the photo before he was cropped out, and in the upper right I can switch to the original. It’s so amazing it’s not even funny.

AISites Overlay Offer Upsell

There are some problems with shadows and such, but all things considered, this is rather remarkable. Certainly more convenient than Photoshop’s clone function. CapCut, the second software we’ll examine, is an open-source video editor that incorporates AI in every step of the process. A simple mouse click will get rid of the backdrop. You may improve your appearance as well.

Those are only a handful of the many available options. Let’s examine it. The video editing software CapCut may be downloaded from CapCut may be used directly in your browser on the site, or it can be downloaded for use on your computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

For the best experience, I suggest installing the app on your device. It doesn’t cost you a dime. When you’re ready to begin working on a new project after installing CapCut, you’ll be brought to this screen. I’m going to import a video of myself and drop it onto the timeline right now, so that I can jump right into the center of the file. To get rid of the backdrop, I’ll choose this clip first, then go to the top right and select video, then cutout, and finally the auto cutout option.

OTO Rewards for AIS Sites

I’ll go ahead and choose this; the video is now being encoded. Look, right here is where all the AI magic is happening. The backdrop was effectively erased, and no green screen was required. The AI has picked me out from the backdrop and is processing my location. Now, a feature I find particularly cool is the ability to import an image.

Here’s a pleasant image of a workplace. I’ll raise my video layer on the timeline so that I may insert the image. It will go on the bottom layer, and from here I can adjust the duration so it matches the video. And now this happens every time I play it! It seems as though I’ve been transported to a whole new area.

Here, let me pull these levers so the image fills the whole screen, and have a look. There was once again absolutely no green screen. Wow, that’s incredible. CapCut’s other AI features are just as outstanding as its ability to eliminate the backdrop. Here I’ll pick my clip, and we’ll use the “enhance” button in the upper right corner to improve it.

Introduction to the AISites OTO Product

Here, I can utilize AI to pinpoint the location of my face, and then use the rectangle that CapCut draws around it to zero in on certain problem areas. Perhaps I could improve my appearance by, say, making my skin softer. Or maybe I just want to make my face seem better. Or maybe I’ll just bleach my teeth. The rest of my face would work just as well for this purpose.

My chin and the length/width of my face might be modified. I could also use this area to do my makeup and do some other body tweaking. Then why do people still have cosmetic surgery? If you only ever appear in videos, you can fool anyone into thinking you look great. Check out the video above to learn even more advanced techniques for working with CapCut.

We will then examine OpenAI’s text models. The computer is responsive to commands and performs an impressive job of carrying them out. To learn more, see the links above and below the description. Now we’re in OpenAI’s sandbox. On the left, we can see some initial setup instructions, while on the right, you may adjust various settings.

Analysis of AIS Sites for OT

Select the AI version you like right here. The default is currently set to text-davinci-003. I’ve always wanted an AI to write me a song about the Kevin Cookie Company, so I’ll type it in here, and then we’ll hit the submit button down here. Oh, my goodness! There is now a company anthem for Kevin’s Cookies. Here’s a stanza that I won’t be singing, but which sounds great in my brain, and below that is the chorus.

This is excellent work. Just for kicks, let’s see whether the AI can improve the recent financial results of the Kevin Cookie Company. I’ll explain why the Kevin Cookie Company’s earnings fell short of projections in the space provided, and we can send in our application now. Wow. That seems to be a rather complete breakdown.

Changes in the food sector, more formidable competition, and ineffective advertising might all be to blame. This makes a lot of sense, actually. Now, more than ever, I wish I’d had this resource when I was in high school. Give an excellent justification to my instructor why I wasn’t able to do my homework, please. Let’s see what happens when I hit “submit” here.

AI Sites OTO Evaluations

Please accept my apologies for the incomplete homework. I was unable to complete it because I had a family issue that required my whole attention. A family emergency must be treated with respect. Wow, that’s a plausible justification. The AI can be communicated with using the ChatGPT link provided further down.

Try it out, shall we? I may begin a discussion with the AI right here on ChatGPT by asking it a question; for example, “What are some good topics for YouTube videos?” and then waiting to see what it has to say. Wow, that’s a very deep answer. In what areas do you feel most invested? To what do your viewers look for answers?

What genre of media do you plan to produce? This is a pretty excellent and insightful response to this topic, especially coming from an AI, and now I can choose whether or not to continue the dialogue below. Finally, we’ll investigate the spreadsheet program Excel. Microsoft has begun incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into the widely used application. If you enter some data, Excel will analyze it and provide you with insights you probably wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.


I am ready to begin analyzing the sales data for the Kevin Cookie Company that I have compiled in Microsoft Excel, but I have no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I had my computer and some AI to rely on. Let’s begin by selecting the home tab (top left) and then clicking the analyze data button (far right) on the ribbon. This has activated a new window on the right that will aid me in examining my data. Instead of getting my hands filthy by performing the analysis myself, I can now just query Excel for insights.

What was the entire income, for instance? When I entered that number into this spreadsheet, I saw that we had made slightly under $5 million. Alright, that’s good, but wait until you see this. In addition, Excel generates suggestions based on my data down below. As I descend, I am treated to some fascinating vistas, like this one.

Sales of chocolate chip cookies are significantly greater than those of any other flavor. Wow, and I can even include a pivot chart in here! There’s also a link to view all 18 results further down the page.This reveals further insights regarding my data, including some intriguing aspects that I had not before considered. The same capabilities may be found in Google Sheets.

Click the “Explore” button in Google Sheets’s lower right corner. Whether you’re using Excel or Google Sheets, this is a great place to examine what questions you can ask the data and what kinds of insights you can glean from it. Okay, well, this barely touches the surface of the many goods that are beginning to integrate AI. If you can think of any additional great instances, please share them with me in the comments. Please subscribe if you liked this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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