Airtel Laying Solid Foundation for 5G Services

The excitement that has been building up to welcome 5G in the world has also caught up in India, as the customers anticipate greater mobile data speed than ever encountered before. The 5G stands for the 5th Generation of Mobile Network and is a successor of the currently popular 4G mobile network. The 5G Mobile network is likely to bring much advancement in the world of mobile connectivity with greater reliability and unmatched speed. The 5G network is expected to deliver peak data speed in multi GBPS. More benefits of 5G network include wider network availability and a uniform experience to users with higher network capacity. The best part of this network is negligible latency which results in snappier Internet experience. The telecommunication giant Airtel is looking at 5G as the next best step after completely optimizing the 4G network and amazing its customers with world class Airtel 4G plans.

Airtel recently published its annual report for the Financial Year 2019-2020, in which it informed that it is working towards laying the strong foundation of 5G in India. India happens to be the largest market of telecommunication in the world and Airtel is one of the key players here. While working towards “Conceptualizing” the trials for 5G, Airtel is collaborating with telecommunication equipment vendors, application developers, and manufacturers of handsets. This will help build the case and demonstrate the network’s readiness towards 5G capabilities of Airtel through a variety of Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB).

Another step that Airtel has taken in this direction is 5G capabilities upgrade of the current 4G base stations. Once the 5G spectrum is available, Airtel plans to launch the trials and has been preparing for the same. The 5G spectrum is expected to take the telecom industry in India by storm as all telecommunication operating companies in India have applied for the trials. The premium telecom operators Airtel and Vodafone plan to execute the 5G trials by partnering with Nokia, ZTE, Huawei and Ericsson.

The other part of 5G network is the enablement of Internet of Things or IoT, which is expected to make the communication between machines, appliances and devices faster and more robust. It can have a lot of positive implication in fields such as security and surveillance, asset tracking, and smart metering. This is the reason that testing the use cases of 5G spectrum deployment is being carried out globally by telecom companies.

Airtel has already got a very strong user base of customers who are responsible for the surge in demand for the high speed data. The Airtel 4G offers currently provide the Airtel customers, data attop of 4G speed at the same price as the 3G. The network has consistently been rated as providing the fastest data connection and download speed in Indian telecom market. The Airtel 4G postpaid plans start at INR 499 per month with 75 GB of 3G/4G data, along with unlimited calling on STD and Local numbers, and one year subscription to Amazon Prime.