Airtel Black 2099 Fiber + Landline plan – A must-have for your home!

Imagine choosing a bundled plan from a service provider which simplifies your life, gives value for money, and most importantly, prioritizes you and your concerns. Isn’t that a premium deal for you? The telecom sector is dynamic. New plans and technologies are being introduced every day to make the lives of consumers well-connected at an affordable price. What is often overlooked is the quality of service! An all in one plan like Airtel Black bridges the same gap. 

With Airtel Black plans, you don’t just get bundled plans with in-built discounts, you also become a member of the premium Airtel Black family. Your concerns are addressed and resolved on priority, thereby, simplifying your life. 

Although, there are a lot of telecom service providers who offer services at discounted rates, Airtel Black brings out something more unique for the customers. 

Airtel Black Fixed Plans

The 998 PlanPostpaid (2 connections with unlimited calls)105 GB data
DTH channels worth Rs. 350Additional subscriptions
The 1098 PlanFiber connection with Landline Unlimited internet with speed of 100 MbpsPostpaid connection (Unlimited calls and 75 GB data)Additional Benefits
The 1099 PlanFiber + LandlineUnlimited internet with 200 Mbps speedDTH connection (350+ channels)Additional benefits
The 1598 PlanFiber + LandlineUnlimited internet with 200 Mbps speedPostpaid (2 connections with unlimited calls)105 GB dataAdditional Benefits
The 2099 Plan (Family plan)Fiber+ LandlineUnlimited internet with 200 Mbps speedPostpaid (3 connections with unlimited calls)260 GB data DTH connection (370+ channels)Additional benefits

You can pick 2 or more services offered by Airtel to create your own plan based on your needs. 

The best seller family plan for you – The 2099 all in one plan

The 2099 all in one plan is the best Airtel Black plan for you and your family. It covers all the essential services for a family including internet connection, Landline connection, 3 Postpaid connections, and a new DTH connection.

All your internet needs along with calling and entertainment are covered in one plan, only at 2099 for a month! 

Airtel Xstream Fiber

With Airtel Xstream Fiber, you get unlimited data and a speed of 200 Mbps for your family. Stream movies, work from home, attend online classes, all with Airtel high speed unlimited internet. 


Make use of Landline to stay connected with your loved ones round the clock.

3 Postpaid connections

Get 3 postpaid connections for your family (1 regular and 2 free add on sims). The new sims will be delivered at your doorstep. If you are an existing postpaid user, the benefits will transfer to your existing sim. You will also get unlimited calling along with a total of 260 GB data per month for all the connections. 

DTH connection and channels

Enjoy network shows with Airtel DTH new connection. Choose amidst 370+ channels as per your interest! 

OTT benefits for you

Enjoy free 1-year subscriptions for Amazon Prime and Airtel Xstream app. You can watch your favourite shows, movies, get prime delivery, free regional content, etc., with the subscriptions. 

One Bill

Get a single bill for all the services included in all in one plan. Simplify your life and your bills with Airtel Black! You can also just reach out to one call center to get your queries resolved for different Airtel services. 

You are our priority

As an Airtel Black premium member, you become Airtel’s priority. A dedicated relationship team will take care of all your queries. You don’t have to wait on customer care calls anymore. Call pick up in 60 seconds is Airtel’s guarantee for all the Black members. 

Money well spent

The services included in all in one plan are discounted for Airtel Black members. Moreover, you also get free service home visits for a lifetime. Such premium treatment is definitely value for money!

The 2099 Airtel Black plan is the best decision you will make for yourself and your family. Get the premium benefits at an affordable price today!

Michael Caine

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