AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2 Wireless Complete Review

Choosing one from the AirPods Pro and the AirPods 2 is in no way a kids’ stuff. Undoubtedly, both are going high day by day and increasing their users in no time, but selecting one is still a challenging task. For your convenience, you are making a review of both the products. This review is not at all declaring a winner from both of these. But it’s just to help you out in choosing one according to your requirements as well as your budget. So let’s begin the review.

In AirPods 2, Apple has made many upgrades, and these upgrades do not increase the price of the product. These upgrades include,

  • Hey Siri support
  • New H1 chip for faster device switching
  • Optional wireless charging case

But all these are still available at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you bring AirPods Pro into consideration, it is specifically made for those who want premium features in the earbuds. But, where there are premium features, there will be an increase in the price. So AirPods Pro is with a higher price than the previous one.

This was just an overview; let’s now start the detailed note on these two.

AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Pricing

When looking for the best AirPods, one of the prime points that people notice is the price. Before moving towards other features, let us tell you that the second generation of AirPods is available at a reasonable price. These are just for $159 but without a wireless charging case. But if you want to have the AirPods 2 with a wireless charging case, you have to pay $199.

While the AirPods Pro is a little higher in price than the first one. You have to spend $249 for having a product with premium features. You can access the trusted online electronics store in UAE for a better experience of these products.


AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Audio And Special Features

The main concern of the user with the AirPods is the sound quality. Starting with the audio features of AirPods 2, these don’t have a lot of unique features to inspire the users, but they provide good sound quality.

Like the Pro one, the AirPods 2 have the audio sharing feature. Through this fantastic feature, you can share the sound from the same device with a friend who owns AirPods. But there must be Siri announce new text messages. 

While on the other hand, AirPods Pro possesses a comprehensive list of features that tend you to prefer this device over the first one. This product has a transparency mode. Thus, you can listen to the surrounding sound while listening to your favorite music. You can activate this mode by pressing the force sensor present on the stem. Squeeze the sensor again if you want to resume the active noise cancellation mode. For audio features, indeed, the AirPods Pro is the winner according to the audio features discussed above.


AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Design

Apple says that the AirPods 2 have a universal fit, and there is no option of customizing the silicone tips in this product. These earbuds sit outside of the ear, and the user can hear the sounds from the surrounding environment.

When the earbuds are from Apple, then you will indeed find a signature style in your product. AirPods Pro possesses a signature style with gleaming white stems, and these stems are shorter than that of the AirPods 2. Customized AirPods by Apple is another option for the AirPods users to get the product in their required way. Silicone tips are in three sizes of small, medium, and large. But if you don’t have any idea which size is suitable for you, you can have the Ear Tip Fit Test

AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Battery Life

With AirPods Pro, you don’t have the choice to buy the product with or without the charging cases. But in the case of second-gen AirPods, you can get it without the standard charging case at $40 less than the original one. Both the products have a charging case, and these cases are compatible with Qi-based wireless charging mats.

AirPods Pro possesses a battery timing of 24 hours. But these 24 hours are divided into 4.5 hours in the pods and 19 to 20 hours in the casing. In case you disable the ANC, the battery timing will extend to 5 hours of listing time before inserting it again in the case.

Apple AirPods have a battery life of 5 hours, but they don’t have the feature of ANC.

AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Performance

Both the products do have the latest H1 chip with ten audio cores. But in AirPods 2, there are faster Siri responses. Here you should know that the same applies to the Pro one, but the H1 chip is more powerful. The chip powers real-time noise cancellation, but the battery will not drain, and you will not have to sacrifice the battery time.

AirPods 2 VS AirPods Pro: Verdict

Before concluding which product is the best one, you must know that both devices provide a fantastic user experience. But the points which make a significant difference include the price. You will feel a clear distinction between the prices of both. You can even save almost $100 by choosing the second-gen AirPods. But this doesn’t mean that you will not get the best specifications. You can get a better battery life even by saving $100.

But the AirPods Pro has premium features, so its price is highly suitable regarding its endless premium features. Their improved comfort, better sound quality, state-of-the-art noise-canceling, sportier credentials justify their price tag.

So, to sum up, if your budget allows you to spend on premium features, then opt for the AirPods Pro. But choosing the Second-gen AirPods won’t be a wrong choice to have at such an affordable price. No doubt the features in it are also satisfying.