Air Purifier for Viruses | A Complete Guide Highlighting Essential Facts

Air pollution is a significant concern in all the developed countries. The foul air is not limited to outdoor surroundings but affects indoor too. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States thrown attention to indoor air pollution as they claim indoor air is more prone to be dangerous than outdoor air. 

Thanks to air purifiers that prevent hazardous air. Airborne virus removal application refreshes stale air and declines the chances of health problems: cheap quality air vandalize lungs infection, neurological problems, and many other severe issues. 

Covid-19 has already impacted our lifestyle, and many people have lost their lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the essence of social distancing & hygiene. Keeping air purifiers ensure more safety inside your workplace. Let’s discuss how they work and be useful.

Informative Facts

Prevent the Symptoms of Asthma

With the lifestyle change, technology is advancing and industrialization increasing over-time. Air pollution is rising due to the setup of industries & globalization. According to a recent survey, 1 in 12 people struggling with asthma. The air contains harmful gases released by factories, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, etc. that causing difficulty in breathing. 

Do you know the lack of freshness in the air leads to indoor humidity? Indeed, the particles come in contact with your skin & clothes which are harmful to your health. The air deteriorates even the furniture, and everything containing indoor. These small issues become worst gradually and give rise to the symptoms of asthma. 

Get Rid of from Harmful Chemicals at Indoor Level

Many of you are wondering that shutting the doors and windows will prevent the inferior air from coming inside. Scientifically, it doesn’t work like this as gases like carbon monoxide & nitrogen dioxide are exposed at the indoor level after covering the ventilation areas. 

Moreover, air can be easily passed from a minute area. Vehicle traffic is one of the causes of indoor air pollution. Contacting with such harmful chemicals every day of your life gives birth to cancer, tumour, cardiovascular, etc. Air purifiers clean chemical contaminants and recycle fresh air back to the room. 

Neutralizes Unpleasant Odours

The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene, gasoline, and formaldehyde break down at room temperature, causing an unpleasant odour. The next question might be what are the sources of such chemical compounds? There are found in paints, upholstered furniture, aerosol sprays, etc. They damage the respiratory organs and in short lead to breathing issues. Get a surface virus removal with a HEPA filter is pretty effective to trap particles & to reduce pollutants. Moreover, don’t bother about cooking oil or smoke as a purifier will fight against the smell.

Removes Harmful Radon

Some building materials like rocks, soil, granite, etc., produce radon gas. The gas is harmful, colourless & odourless. Radon damages the lungs’ cell linings and gives rise to cancer. In America, thousands of people die due to lung cancer caused by radon gas. HEPA & activated carbon filters are productive as they low down and vanish the emission of radon gas. 

Final Words

These above pointers are vital to understand and ensure your & your loved one’s health strong. Even it’s our responsibility to fight against the pandemic by the following safety precautions. Install air purifiers to overcome health issues by shutting out the deadly virus.