Air Pollution And The Effects Of Covid 19 In Delhi NCR

In the year 2020, we all are facing lots of troubles due to coronavirus infection. The year is about to end, but there seems to be no limit to the corona pandemic. As India unlocked the lockdown, air pollution has again reached a higher level. Some studies have suggested that long-term exposure to polluted air is directly linked to coronavirus infection. This means the more you breathe in the polluted air, the more you increase your chances of getting caught by the infection. During this winter season, Delhi is suffering the worsening effects of Covid-19 together with air pollution. In this article, we will see how the capital of India is experiencing a terrible situation. 


Air Pollution And The Effects of Covid-19 In Delhi

When it was the years before 2020, the northwestern states of India were mostly affected by air pollution. During winter, some states such as Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh burn parali. If someone suffers due to the burning of the parali, it is none other than the people of Delhi. Studies say that the air pollution of the capital of India is so high that it is common to have the highest death rate here. Air pollution causes lung damage, and this is the reason why so many people died in Delhi within a short time.


The people of Delhi already have a weak immunity due to which they died early. Air pollution in Delhi is so bad that every person suffers from some airborne disease. It is common for people here to have frequent coughing problems. Air pollution is the most powerful agent of respiratory diseases and this is one of the biggest reasons why people in Delhi faced the most problems. If the government in Delhi does not pay attention to this, then in the future, the Indian capital may suffer a lot of ill consequences.


Diseases other than the coronavirus, such as the common cold, flu, etc. can all increase the risk of spreading. Although we have not got to see it all this year, if this happens, Delhi could have suffered even more. Luckily, we have not seen anything like this. The atmosphere around Delhi has a very high content of Particulate Matter 2.5, due to which, people other than corona-infected may have serious health issues. Of these, bloodstream and inflammation are quite common.


People who had suffered from the coronavirus after recovering told that they are still having problems with their lungs. This is because their immunity was very weak and the virus caused them a lot of damage. This is a matter of great concern as those who have recovered can get the infection again. Also, the winter months can prove to be annoying for them because in these months body aches happen.


Can Delhi Get Over This Situation?

Everything can happen by trying. In Delhi, if people follow social distancing with strict action, then the infection can be prevented to a great extent. Apart from this, people should keep masks with them as well. The WHO had already stated that by wearing masks and social distancing, we can prevent the spread of the virus. The Government of Delhi is making all efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Those who are walking without a mask are getting charged with a 5000 rupees fine. But people are not cooperating with the action. Instead, they are ready to go behind the bars. 

The government has also sprayed water to control air pollution. By doing so, fog and smog can be removed to a great extent. The truth is also that the government alone cannot handle everything. People need to play their role in preventing the spread of infection. If they spend more time at home then it is a good thing. Roaming in the streets without any purpose can put them and others in a dreadful situation. To prevent corona, it is most important that people pay attention to social distancing and masks. Also, there is a need to sanitize your hands. Today, there are thousands of brands working on producing sanitizers from all around the world. The ones with more than 70 percent of alcohol can be the best to kill the virus before it enters our body. Ultimately, the more we take care of these things, the more we will stay safe and healthy.



In this article, we have studied some effects of Covid-19 and air pollution in Delhi. Air pollution can really increase the worsening levels of Covid19 situation in Delhi because it spreads well with the polluted air. Polluted air harms our respiratory system, and this is the best thing for the virus. Some people wonder ‘Is Delhi about to crumble?’ To some degree, it can happen. But the situation will get in control because corona vaccination is about to approach in the next year. We all hope that by the year 2021, we will get rid of the pandemic completely.