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Hello, spark. Welcome to my review of AI Spark. I’m Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I’ve been making a full-time living from home doing digital marketing for over 10 years, so I’ve seen a lot of different software tools and systems come and go. So, perhaps, my years of internet marketing knowledge will be useful to you as you explore AI Spark and other software launches before we plunge in. If you click the link below, then click the link in the video description, you’ll be able to learn about my current top suggested system to connect into. Now you have a comprehensive system and a fantastic approach to get started.

I’m acquiring your own traffic and email list and generating a practical, full-time income on the internet, so click the link in the video description for my top-rated technique. So AI Spark is yet another program launch on Warrior, and it joins a long line of chat, GPT, and AI-style software debuts. So there’s a lot of excitement and buzz about this subject. Nowadays, with an i and the way AI spark works, it allows you to create your own e-commerce store, which they call the Marketplace, and you can upload products to this, either physical products that you mail or digital products, and then there’s a unique way of closing sales for these products, which is via a WhatsApp AI chat bot. Instead of going immediately to the add to cart button, the visitor is urged to click a button to start a chat on WhatsApp to ask their queries in order to seal the deal.

For those who want further information, you can utilize chat GPT to pre-program these exchanges with the potential consumer via WhatsApp and the chat bot. So, while I believe it’s a really innovative idea to utilize chat, GPT, AI, and WhatsApp to close sales, particularly for high-ticket transactions, I’m suspicious about how it’s all put together with AI Spark. So here is the members area demonstration. You may either construct an e-commerce store and upload these items, or you can make your own product listings manually. So you establish your own e-commerce-style website, fill it with stuff, and then connect it to a WhatsApp autoresponder. So someone can subscribe to your autoresponder and receive drip-fed information about that specific product, almost like an email autoresponder but through WhatsApp, and if they respond with specific questions, you can program chat, GPT style, AI, to respond to the specific answers to the type of questions they may ask. As a result, I believe that the engagement technique based on AI and chat GPT is valuable, but not always for low-ticket Ecommerce items.

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It is better appropriate for more expensive services, such as software or coaching programs. In comparison to low-ticket e-commerce items or basic digital products, I believe this method would make more sense. It doesn’t make sense to start a chat or a competition to close a transaction unless it’s a high-ticket goods, and a marketplace is usually full of these high-ticket things. So it makes more sense for me to have a highly targeted direct sales funnel rather than an e-commerce site with a variety of low-cost items. To purchase a $200 goods, you do not need to engage in a chatbot discussion.

So I’d take this approach for a high-ticket webinar where you’re selling a coaching program, and then you can close the sale via WhatsApp on the back end and help you chat GPT to sift out the most interested people, so you can manually interact with people who are the most interested, and once they’ve passed the AI stage of it, you can manually try and close the sale to your high-ticket coaching program. I believe WhatsApp is particularly beneficial for delivering brief reminders to register for a webinar or when the webinar broadcast is about to begin. In addition to email, you may submit it using WhatsApp. I’m just wary about the average newbie’s ability to navigate a marketplace. a business like this, and how will they encourage people to come in? How will they close the sales?

It appears to be so. A little fragmented for the average novice, but I believe that focusing on one sales funnel and one product and delivering consistent, focused traffic to that product using paid advertising and content marketing is a better way to start. The AI spark can also produce content. So getting a lot of stuff out there, targeting lots of long-tail SEO keywords and directing traffic to your website, is a good thing. However, it is disconnected if you have many distinct items in many different sectors.

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Everything may be found on the Marketplace website. Picking one product in one category, in my view, will allow you to be more concentrated with your content, marketing, and the sort of keywords you send to it. In general, I appreciate the AI Chat GPT WhatsApp marketing approach to AI Spark. However, the actual e-commerce marketplace appears to be a bit confusing and unfocused for my liking, and it simply hasn’t all come together properly, but I like bits and pieces of the business model, so it’s useful for getting ideas floating around your head for how you could do Something integrating into WhatsApp like this yourself? I just don’t think that’s the type of marketplace website they provide. You are the finest person to do it.

If you want to learn how I make a full-time income on the internet and my number one suggested strategy to use for that, click the link below or the link in the video description below. It’s a comprehensive done-for-you system that’s a great way to get started creating your own email list and marketing high-quality, high-paying offers, so click the link in the video description for my top-recommended online system. Thank you for taking the time to read my brief remarks on AI Spark. Best wishes, and please keep in touch.

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