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AiMailer OTO Links Above –  What is AiMailer ?

There were rumors at the beginning of 2023 that email marketing had one more breath to take.

Then came the AI age, and the tables were turned. Companies have rapidly turned to digital channels over the last year, reviving email marketing with AI!

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Video review for Front End only AiMailer

AiMailer   – Text From This Video

So, missive has added an email AI feature, and in today’s movie, we’ll talk about how it works and what people think about email and AI.This is a program focused on products and helping you find the best one for you, so if you’re. Looking for email programs right now? You can find a link to Tool Finder, a list of the best email apps of the year, including Missive. So, let’s take a closer look at how this AI function works, so here it is on the screen.

What I have as my big new command is Missive, which, for those who don’t know it, is a third-party email tool that lets you work on one email and also use it as your personal email. I’ve used it for two years, and it’s been very stable, nice, and well-made overall. You can get there by clicking on the link below. You’re interested in that, but let’s focus on the AI feature they’ve added. With this, you can use open AI connection, and all you have to do is add the integration here and go into your settings. Find open AI and link it to your existing account. Most importantly, you need an API key from open AI. So this is probably not true.

Click the “pay and use” option. This is a click API, and you pay separately. So, that’s where AI is right now: at a point where it’s a little bit hard to get things to work. But once it’s set up with your API key, you’ll be paid through your open AI account. So in this video, I’m going to send a few emails, and then we’re going to see how much of a response I get.

AiMailer Local

We added up how much it cost us; hopefully it’s not too much, but let’s show you some of the functions here. So the open AI feature now works in the lower left spot. You can use the prompt here, which is very interesting. Basically, what it will do is use a couple of pre-made prompts, like “reply positively,” “positiveness,” to a certain section, “reply negatively,” and so on. You can fix grammar and spelling mistakes, so let’s move on. Do that, but it’s interesting to see here that the passive system already has a few different models, which is great for improving how you use it. What’s good is when you’re actually responding to emails that are inline and you’re Actually, conversationally, this does it for you. You’re probably watching the video as we speak, but basically, it’s doing it for you when it comes to being able to do it instead of giving you a button you can press and it will do it.

Here, I might say something like, “Let’s write an email about the meeting next week on Tuesday, the 27th, and ask if it’s okay to move it to Friday of the same week. So you can do things like put the answer on a new line or save the question for later use, which is great for thinking about this, especially if you’re setting things up. So, here we are: I’ve hit “generate.” This is what I have, dear team. I hope you’re doing. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’m moving on Tuesday, the 27th, when we’re supposed to meet again.

I need to move it, so this is great. It has a very easy setup and really gets you started. So that question function also works nicely. What I can do is choose this bit of text. Please let me know if this isn’t possible, and we can find a different time to work together. So what it’s giving me is that it’s helping me fix the spelling and grammar. You can pick things to help fix spelling and grammar, but in this case I’m not going to improve the choices. I’m going to think of it negatively, so in this case I might go make it more bold and outspoken, which is probably a bit more professional, and then I’ll press generate.

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So, if it’s not possible, let me know so we can find a solution. Okay, that’s a little more aggressive! Let’s have some fun and just say “Uh-oh.” I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Make this line meaner.

You know I’m acting silly now, but I’m just showing you how this can be useful. Okay, that’s not even meaner. Buti! I guess it’s slightly more forceful at work. I might try to keep it under control.

You can start to see how this could be useful, so I’ve added a few different questions there. Let’s go to OpenAI and see how much this has costed me. Okay. So right now, it isn’t actually charging me anything. But I’ll put this in the description of each move below.

AiMailer OTO AIUpsell

This movie shows what I’ve done and how much it’s cost me, but I don’t think that most of the things I’ve done to get people’s attention have cost me a lot. As for what it can do right now, you can go over here and translate an email if you need to reply to it using artificial intelligence. There. Some questions address it by nature.

So, on the right side, you can bring up the open AI command area. This is an interesting place because it will help you collect across your accounts. Give it a suggestion, so I could say, “Write Sarah an email this week. So, as you can see, what it will do is put that in there, and essentially, I can answer with that pretty quickly, so you can use the openAI.

This was just a small sample of the technology around the mobile AI system right now. It’s very basic because it’s just plug-and-play and you need an open AI key to do it, but it’s a really interesting step forward, especially for email. To be honest, I thought it would have come sooner with email, but I guess there are some privacy concerns and difficulties trying to implement it with email as opposed to more canvas-based things like craft notions and even Menso. In general, I think email and AI are a great combination, and this is a great example of how a tool like this can be used in everyday life. Honestly, let’s see what the price is. But, to be honest, if it’s around a penny for maybe six or seven orders, that’s a fair price, especially if you want to save time and respond to people in a more precise way. Again, it’s figuring out how your personality and the AI are being taught.

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So, if you can look at all of the emails you’ve sent in the last year and use that to figure out your style, that makes much more sense than using something that is much more generic and sounds a bit more formal. For example, I think this technology will be much better suited to the open market in a year, but for now, it’s fine. Also, keep in mind that we’re used to using technology like this. For example, when we use technology like this right now, it’s usually inside the Google Gmail system, helping you to auto-complete a sentence and also replying to people with messages. So, don’t be scared by how quickly this artificial intelligence is going to change; it’s something we’ll hopefully understand a little better in the next couple of months. People, I hope you liked this feature, and please let me know what you think of this message’s use of open AI; this was just a small taste of that.

People, if you want to read the full story about this in a bit more depth, you can find it at the tool finder site linked below. Thanks a lot, everyone, and I hope to see you in a future film. Cheers! Thank you. Thank you. [Music,]

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