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AICourseSite OTO 1, 2, 3, 4: There are two FE offers & 4 One Time Offers. The First AICourseSite OTO is Pro Version, the Second AICourseSite OTO is Premium Version, the Third is Gold License, and Four AICourseSite OTO is Done-For-You Version. There are other down sells. All information >>>

OTO UPSELL #1: AICourseSite Pro
OTO UPSELL #2: AICourseSite Premium
OTO UPSELL #3: AICourseSite Gold
OTO UPSELL #4: AICourseSite Done-For-You
OTO UPSELL #5: AICourseSite Agency

FrontEnd Details

Using our cutting-edge 1-click ChatGPT-powered application, you can instantly generate a fully automated course affiliate website. In less than 60 seconds, you can launch your website with unprecedented speed.

Automate e-Learning Course Affiliation: Construct a fully-automated website for e-learning course affiliates in mere seconds. This web-based application eliminates the need for installation, streamlining, and simplifying the process.

Massive Archive of Completed Courses: Access an unrivaled treasure trove of over 185,000 done-for-you e-learning courses covering over 200 distinct categories. This exhaustive compilation guarantees an abundance of high-quality content for your website.

Instant Course Approval Assurance: Rest assured that all 185,000 e-learning courses integrated into the platform will be approved promptly. Our system streamlines the approval procedure, saving you time and ensuring your site’s course inventory is always complete.

Each e-learning course is automatically embedded with your affiliate link, ensuring that every click generates revenue potential. This automated function optimizes monetization without requiring manual intervention.

DFY Blog Builder Integrating ChatGPT: Enhance the uniqueness of your website with our ChatGPT-powered DFY blog builder. Effortlessly drip-feed daily unique, fresh content onto your website, thereby enhancing engagement and credibility.

Seamless WordPress Integration: For WordPress enthusiasts, we offer a specialized WP plugin to construct an affiliate website for e-learning courses within your existing WordPress installation.

Utilize the opportunity to add and sell your personalized e-learning courses to generate revenue. Enjoy a 100 percent profit share per sale, thereby diversifying your revenue streams beyond affiliate commissions.

Increase your revenue potential by strategically placing banner ads throughout your website. Utilise prime locations to maximize ad visibility and revenue.

The intricacies of our software can be mastered with the aid of a comprehensive series of in-depth training videos. These guides cover every aspect of the application to ensure that the user experience is seamless.

Enable Your Businesses with Ten Site Licences: Using our licenses, you can manage up to ten distinct websites, thereby expanding your reach and impact.

Unlock Bonus Reseller Licences: For a limited time, purchasing today grants you 30 additional reseller licenses, enhancing your ability to share this innovative solution with others.

Innovation Meets Affiliation: Take Your e-Learning Course Affiliation Journey to the Next Level Today. This revolutionary solution combines innovation and automation, allowing you to build and manage an affiliate website for e-learning courses that stands out in the digital landscape with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AICourseSite? How does it function? AICourseSite is an innovative platform that enables the rapid creation of automated affiliate websites for e-learning courses. It employs cutting-edge technology, such as ChatGPT integration, to streamline the process and provide a seamless user experience.

Am I required to have the technical knowledge to use AICourseSite? No, AICourseSite is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. To create and manage your e-learning course affiliate websites, you do not need any technical knowledge or coding experience.

How many courses am I allowed to host on my website? AICourseSite provides access to more than 185,000 pre-made e-learning courses in a variety of subject areas. This extensive collection ensures that your website contains a wide variety of high-quality content.

Can I upload my e-learning programs to the website? Yes, you can add and sell your customized e-learning courses via AICourseSite. This allows you to diversify your income beyond affiliate commissions.

What are the advantages of upgrading to Elite, Enterprise, or Agency? The upgraded versions provide enhanced customization options, WordPress integration, agency capabilities, and more. Whether you’re a solo affiliate marketer or a growing agency, these upgrades cater to your specific requirements.

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