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Amazing AI-powered writing toolset with 60+ applications for quickly and easily producing marketing content for any industry, at scale, with increased search engine rankings, increased productivity, and increased profits.

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Video review for Front End only AIContentFly

[Music] Foreign [Music]. We are currently in the dashboard for AI Content Fly, and for the purpose of this demonstration, I have chosen to use a niche that I know absolutely nothing about. This is to show that you can really let AI Content Fly do the work to generate amazing content, even if you know absolutely nothing about the topic. The market segment that I’ve decided to focus on is aquascaping. To create an underwater scene essentially entails combining elements of art and science. It is a well-known fact that persons who partake in this pastime have the ability to rack up significant financial obligations as a result of their involvement. As a result, I decided to go with something that is relatively unknown yet has the potential to generate revenue. And for the record, I do adore fish and aquariums, which would be considered a comparable specialty; however, I don’t even own an aquarium, so I couldn’t possibly instruct you on anything relevant to aquascaping. Thus, I’ve decided to hand over all of the responsibility for this to AI Content Fly. Let’s get started right away by selecting “Documents” and then “Workbooks” from the drop-down menus. Now, this is completely optional; but, I’m going to show you how you can set it up so that it assists in maintaining order inside AI Content Fly. I’m going to start a new workbook, and I’m going to title it “Aquascape.” After that, we’re going to click on the “Templates” tab and get the demonstration started. Starting off with blog titles, and if we want to save our work, what we can do is actually select this workbook name here, “Aquascaping,” and then I could give it a name such as “Aquascaping Blog Titles,” and then just give it a sentence or a few words about what your blog post is about. If we want to save our work, we can do this by selecting this workbook name here, “Aquascaping.” You have the option of selecting low, moderate, or high levels of inventiveness using the drop-down menu. Over the entirety of these demos, I will just maintain a steady pace. If you changed that variable, you would get somewhat different outcomes, and it is just one of the many ways that you may generate original content using our AI engine.

The local version of AIContentFly, OTO

You can also pick how many results you want, which is a feature that is present in the majority of our templates, and you can also choose whether or not you want to limit the maximum length of the result. All of these options are available to you. My experience has shown that in most cases, I can get away with simply setting the limit very high, and the output will still be of a suitable length. After that, all you have to do is click the button, and it will provide us with 10 fantastic ideas for blog titles, such as “”Get Started Aquascaping,” “Exploring the Basics of Aquascaping,” “Aquascaping 101: All You Need to Know,” “Dive into Aquascaping,” “Uncover the Details of Aquascaping,” “Aquascaping Basics: A Comprehensive Guide,” “Get Started Aquascaping,” “Get Started Aquascaping,” “Exploring the Basics of Aquascaping,” “Aquascaping Basics: A Comprehensive Guide,” An Introduction to the Art of Building an Underwater Paradise for Beginners — I like that one, and I could go on and on about it. And by the way, do you see how arcane this subject matter is? Because my browser doesn’t even realize that “aquascaping” is a genuine term, it actually highlighted the word in red and put it in quotation marks. In addition, I felt it was important to point out that the same format might be utilized for the production of subtitles. Let’s take this as an example and rephrase it to indicate that the post is going to be about aquascaping aquariums. Hence, the overall title might be one of these top ones, such as “Aquascaping: A Beginner’s Guide to Building an Aquatic Paradise,” and then it could include a subtitle called “Unlock the Beauty of Aquascaping Aquariums,” as previously said. Perhaps I am already aware that I want there to be a separate section concerning filters. That video might perhaps have some subtitles added by me. So, the subheading for this section may be something like “The Advantages of Putting in an Aquascaping Filter.” After that, we may save these results as a Word document, a PDF file, a text file, or we can simply copy the text and store it to our built-in storage space here in the AI Content Flyer. Alternatively, we can also save these findings as a text file. Let’s get started on putting this paper away in our archive right now. You should see the message that reads “Successfully saved.” Let’s take a step back and examine the following sample, shall we?

AIContentFly OTOs Linka is an acronym for

I’m going to bypass the second one and move straight to blog ideas, and the reason for that will become clear in just a second. I’ll just say, “What is aquascaping again?” You have the option of selecting the amount of inventiveness, and after that, you may decide on a tone of voice that ranges from hilarious to casual to thrilled to professional to witty to sarcastic to feminine to masculine to bold to dramatic to grumpy to secretive. We’ll keep things lighthearted for the time being and proceed to produce the text. And as you can see, what it does is provide us with five excellent ideas for blog articles, along with the subheadings that would be included in those blog posts. You have an article titled “Aquascaping 101: An Introduction to the Art of Aquascaping,” and then inside that post, you would have themes such as “What is Aquascaping?” and “How Do I Start?” “What are the Advantages of Having an Aquascape?” What Kinds of Materials Are Need for Aquascaping? When it Comes to Aquascaping, What Kinds of Plants and Fish Should Be Utilized? “What are the Many Aquascaping Styles That Are Available? Alright, and so forth. Once more, all I did was enter in the question, “What is aquascaping?” The artificial intelligence thought about all of this, and as you can see, it came up with themes that are very pertinent and extremely well written. This time around, I’m going to go ahead and save it as a Word document, and after that, I’m simply going to copy this top portion, which I’m going to utilize in the following template. [Music] So what we’re going to do is make a section for our vlog, and I’m going to put the text that I just copied from the previous part.

OTO AIUpsell for

The headers were taken straight from the template that was used before, so the title is going to be “Aquascaping 101: An Introduction to the Art of Aquascaping,” and the subheadings were also copied from there. Again, we’re going to leave it in the standard, everyday tone for the time being and just produce the text. And as you can see, it transformed it into a blog article that is nicely written, which we could then copy and paste onto another platform, such as WordPress, or we could save it as a document in Word. Regarding that, we could immediately convert this into a lead magnet for potential customers. In point of fact, before I forget, let me save this Word document first, just in case I change my mind about doing that in the future. The next step is the blog introductions, and I’m going to reuse the same results that we used in the earlier template by just copying and pasting what AI Content Fly has previously provided us with again. We’ll simply keep it at a standard and laid-back level. I’ll just kind of leave the default settings for most of these demos just so you can see sort of an average demo, and it created a great blog post or even an article intro for us that helps draw in the reader, like, “I’ll just leave the default settings for most of these demos so you can see sort of an average demo.” “Aquascaping is something that you might be familiar with. If you haven’t already, you’re in for a real treat. Aquascaping is a type of art that draws inspiration from the natural world while also including the ingenuity of the aquarist. Well, this is a pretty wonderful way to start things off. Next, we’ll take a look at the process of writing a conclusion, and rather than re-inventing the wheel yet again, I’m going to paste in the exact same content that we’ve been using. However, instead of providing us with an introduction, it will provide us with a fantastic summary conclusion that can be used for any article or blog post. The next template is the email that says “welcome.” Let’s pretend the name of my business is Eric’s Aquascaping for the sake of argument. We’ll state that we help those who are interested in aquascaping create the most beautiful underwater habitats in their aquariums.

OTO Benefits for the AIContentFly Platform

Our target market consists of aquarium owners that take pleasure in designing their own aquascapes and purchasing the products and services that we supply for aquascaping tanks. I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to aquascaping, so I simply made this up on the spot and wrote it in. Again, sorry about that. I’m going to delegate all of the laborious work to the AI. Let’s go ahead and hit the button, and in the meantime, here’s our email: “Aquascaping Fanatic, A Greetings! Welcome to Eric’s Aquascaping! We are really happy that you have decided to collaborate with us on our endeavor to design the most impressive underwater settings for your aquariums. At Eric’s Aquascape, we are dedicated to bringing the splendor of nature into your home so that you can better appreciate it. To assist you in developing the ideal aquascape for your needs, we provide a full range of aquascaping products in addition to design services “and the like. As you can see, not only is the email beautifully written, but it is also highly pertinent to the discussion at hand and stays on topic throughout. Let’s go back to the chilly email template and give it another go. I am going to give it the exact same information that we provided it in the prior one, so get ready for that. I’ll even keep my tone of voice at a casual level, and I fully anticipate that the AI will provide me with information that is distinct from what it provided me with only a few seconds earlier. And it does. “Build the Aquascape of Your Dreams” is the topic that will be discussed.” Greetings, do you consider yourself an aquascaping enthusiast in search of the opportunity to design the underwater environment of your dreams? If that’s the case, you’ve found the proper place to be.

An Introduction of the AIContentFly OTO Product

Aquascaping is our specialty here at Eric’s Aquascaping, and we love assisting our customers in creating the most beautiful underwater settings for their aquariums.” As you can see, this is worded differently, and it is virtually just as well written as an email you would send to someone who is not yet one of your customers. In other words, this is a “cold email.” Let’s go ahead and try out the next email template, which is for a follow-up email, and see how it works out. We are going to utilize the same firm name this time, as well as the same description and the same audience. The only new piece of information that we provide in this section is that we are following up with the prospect after they have downloaded our free booklet on aquascaping. Maintain a consistent level throughout, and write the content.” Hello, my first name is. Welcome to Eric’s Aquasc

Review of the AIContentFly OTO

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