AI website builder: how to create a website without coding

It is difficult to find a business area that does not need an online presence. Often a social media profile is not enough. The website allows you to collect everything in a single place: contacts, gallery, reviews, location map, “live chat” and be able to promote it in search engines so that customers can find it as an answer to their queries.

If you still think that to create a website you need to contact a studio or hire a developer – this is not the case. There are special web services that you can open directly in your browser and do whatever you want. For example, this builder will help you create your own website for business or other purposes on your own (or order the development at studio if you are not ready to waste your time).

What is best about website builders 

In short, a website builder is a system that allows you to create websites without knowledge of layout, programming languages, and other technical details. The user selects special blocks in the “constructor”, and the visual editor allows him to choose the page structure, the arrangement of blocks (title, panel, menu), and the design of the entire project. 

What website builders usually suggest:

  1. Templates with ready-made page design;
  2. Various modules using functions;
  3. Color preferences;
  4. No need to think about hosting;
  5. SSL protection is offered;
  6. Automatic software updates.

You can see what templates are here, at Weblium website builder. As for the templates, you can choose one of 300+. If you don’t like them, there is an opportunity to compose your own pages from 250+ modules. There is no need to think about the mobile version: it will work automatically when you open it on your smartphone or tablet. 

Weblium differs from other solutions for creating websites by offering an AI assistant (artificial intelligence technology). It suggests a good arrangement of blocks, offers matching colors, and does other equally interesting things.

Pros worth mentioning: good indexing by search engines (the website is found by users when searching in Google, Bing). A website without analytics is practically useless, so access to marketing tools is essential, and Weblium provides those.

Who usually need website builders 

First, website builders are needed by business representatives with the need to collect leads, customer contacts, and have friendly support. Those who need a personal site will also be satisfied: it can be a portfolio or a landing page. Last but not least, bespoke agencies can access a handy tool for just 1/10th of the value of a site they can sell it for.

If you have a question about “which website builder to choose”, then the following factors may help you to decide. Five criteria for choosing a website builder:

  • Is there a free version, and what is the price for the full access?
  • Are you able to find necessary designs in the categories of templates, what is their quality?
  • How easy is it to use the constructor?
  • Is there a “live” (online chat) support 24/7?
  • Is there access to analytics, marketing tools, SEO, etc?

If you sign up for Weblium, you will get access to all these functions at once for free. You will need to switch to a paid subscription only if you need to remove the “Weblium” branded signature from the website, place it on a different domain, or get access to the code. Try new technologies in website creation and see how easy, fast, and convenient they are.