AI revolution will create as many jobs as it erases

Artificial Intelligence has been massively recognized in the past years. The technology is now gaining a lot of traction and is now playing a significant role in our daily life. With this groundbreaking advanced technology, huge advancements are taking place and a revolutionized era is all set to be shaped.

Almost every week, Artificial Intelligence seems to make a newsworthy breakthrough. From the major disciplines and wide-ranging fields, AI is making remarkable transformations.


The mini smartphones and advanced laptops, sector of healthcare- medicinal diagnosis and medicines, the department of education and the gaming field, finance and accounting, speech translations, and other advanced applications, AI is performing incredibly across every single sector.

-The market of AI software is predicted to generate the revenue of $126.0 billion in 2025, a recent report reflected.

In such a rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence, we humans are responsible on our own. The bottleneck of the human efficiency is all broken and we aren’t productive anymore. This has given a huge rise to the different advanced concepts including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Artificial Intelligence is playing a role of game-changer in such crucial times. It has enhanced the work efficiency in every industry. Businesses are embedding AI to boost their performance.

This phenomenon has also given a spark to the discussion about the impact of AI on the jobs and employment factor of human. People are in a debate that how AI would be revolutionizing the face of human work labor in every sector. Fear of unemployment has also been discussed.  

Several blogs from assistance providers including write my assignment online have conducted surveys and researches that concluded, Artificial Intelligence will turn out as the greatest job engine the world could ever have seen. With the help of AI, the face of employment will revolutionized!


To clear out the confusion, I have penned down 12 reasons that are proven enough to reflect the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the employment sector of human. Let’s have a look.

-A report was conducted in the past that reflected; over 7 million jobs will be replaced by AI between 2017 and 2037. It will also generate 7.2 million jobs, which is a net gain of 200,000 jobs.

Demand for man machine hybrid teams:

Human employment sector would be dependent on the concoction of humans with AI for the creation of augmented hybrid teams. Strengths of humans and AI together would help the businesses to generate better results.

Employment throughout the globe:

Infusing AI with business smartly would help to make more money. This will also result in better employee wages, technological tools, and greater efficiency. As the business would spread around, it will offer more employment options.

Companies would scale up:

AI algorithms and large amount of big data will also help the companies to work better. Also, students can get academic assistance from assignment writing services. The growth of the companies will create opportunities and they will get scale up. This will result in the requirement of more expert labor of machine learning and data science.

Marketing and sales:    

With the help of smart databases and newer applications of sales and marketing, the companies would invest money in the AI powered effective databases. This will also help the organizations in recruiting the right sales teams.

Job maintenance:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the companies would be able to produce data efficiently in the sectors of automation, manufacturer, and customer support. This will result in the demand of AI maintenance work labor- a huge need of developers and AI engineers.

New job positions:

AI will definitely erase the jobs undoubtedly, but it will also result in the production of the new jobs related to its own field. To manage, check, and maintain, AI engineers and experts would be in the huge demand.

Increment in robotics:

The discipline of robotics is going to see a tremendous growth in the upcoming years. The demand of AI robotic engineers would be skyrocketing as the companies would need AI engineer to maintain and manufacture the certain robots.

AI in healthcare:

Applications of Artificial Intelligence are also on a huge rise and the healthcare department is the one with the huge scope. AI will create around 1 million jobs in the healthcare sector. AI powered robots and applications would help the doctors to make efficient moves and also, the medicinal line will boost up with opportunities!

Gaming industry on rise:

Gaming industry is indeed the one with advanced moves each day. The applications in the gaming area are on the immense rise. From the design and development to the operations and the maintenance of games, AI based systems and AI developer jobs will see an upward surge.

Financial services:

The finance and banking sector would be in the search of AI engineer who can maintain the AI powered system. The machine learning modules are also in progress for the banking purpose to identify frauds and grant access for authentic transactions. So, financial services will also look for AI engineers and developers.

Entertainment services via AI:

Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, these are some examples of entertainment applications powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI algorithms are doing an excellent job by identifying the user’s choice of content- increasing the demands of AI specialists. This is the only umpteen use of AI throughout the globe.

Digital assistants:

Siri, Alexa, and Bixby, these are some AI powered digital assistants that are getting smarter. IT giants including Google are working to enhance the work proficiency of these digital assistants. This will also increase the demands of AI engineers and developers in the future.


The technology of Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs that it would erase. People with excellent skills in programming and AI understanding are definitely going to have a bright scope in the future!


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.