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Video review for Front End only AI MingleSuite

AI MingleSuite   – Text From This Video

How would you like it if, with a single phrase, you could produce a video on a landing page, a letter for a blog post, a business card, even invoicing, and much more all inside one platform? If that interests you, stay tuned today because I’ll be discussing Click Agency, a platform that allows you to do just that and much more. Now, before I show you a live sample, I’d want to point out that there is a link in the video description. It will take you to my website, where you can learn more about click agency and AI, as well as the price and funnel specifics. You can see all of the improvements here; as you can see, you can click on these tabs. You can also preview the pages here by clicking on these buttons, and if you’re interested in purchasing Click Agency, simply click on this button, and it will redirect you to the sales page or the special bundle deal page, which will give you the front end plus all the upgrades at a discounted price. If you do that, you’ll also receive these incentives as a thank you for purchasing Click Agency through my site. There are some extremely great goodies in here that you will surely like, so be sure to grab it from my link. If you decide to buy it, let’s get started and show you what click agency AI is all about. So, for now, this is what you’ll see when you log onto your dashboard. As you can see, I have an agency. I presently have three clients and a monthly revenue of $2,250. This number comes from my client forms that I fill out inside my account, but I’ll display it to you in a second. So, if you click on agency here, you’ll notice that I’ve created three agencies under my account. It now works really simply: you can click on create new agency to establish a new agency, and then you can access your agency and go inside your agency account. You may fill out your data, such as your address, email address, logo, and so on, and then you can add clients to this agency. Now, as you can see, I have two clients.

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I have a plumber and a hair salon that I added to my agency, and I may establish a new customer account in here. So, for example, when I click on add new customers, I may do meditation room.If this is one of my clients, I can accomplish this at This is simply for demonstration reasons; let me fill out a password here, and then you can fill out an industry here as well. So you could do one of these, and then click Create, and once I’ve made my customer account, this will show. What do you notice on this screen? This is from a certain client. The wonderful thing about Click Agency is that you can link your clients, Facebook, and yourself. Google advertisements account to click agency, which means you can publish advertisements straight to your clients’ accounts that you can build. You may build advertisements inside Click Agency and send them to your clients. Uh, advertisements account. I’m going to show you how you can now link all of your clients’ autoresponders, and then you can choose to email the credentials to your clients so that they can log in here as well. Now, when you scroll down for each customer, you can add all of these assets or build all of these materials so you can construct a landing page. Invoices, photos, Facebook advertisements, Google ads, envelopes, lead magnet blog posts, business cards, social media covers, YouTube videos, letterheads, and press releases are all examples of marketing materials.

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This works well now. When you finish those items, they will appear at the bottom of the resources list. So, let’s make a landing page for meditation rooms. When I click on the landing page, it displays a number of templates from which I may pick, indicating that these are done-for-you templates. So, let’s suppose I want to use this template when I choose a template. I’m going to utilize this template here and then scroll down; I’m going to hit next, and I can give this a name: meditation room site. Call it this: I’m going to click next, and it will now build a done for you website with the material from this website already filled out. So, as seen above, my keywords were meditation room site.So, what will it do? Basically, what I did incorrectly was include the term site to this meditation room, thus it should be a meditation room or meditation alone. So, let’s see what it comes up with, but it’s basically going to produce material on this phrase on these keywords. This takes around a minute. It claims it can take up to five minutes, so let’s pause the movie and see what it comes up with straight away. As you can see, this is true here. It filled in the blanks for me. So it says: Transform any area into a calm refuge with our unique meditation room side designs. I did it incorrectly when I felt a relaxing impact from the environment around me. I used the wrong keywords, but you know it picked them up, so it chose the proper stuff in here to enjoy the benefits of a meditation room site.

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So, as you can see, meditation has been shown to be an excellent strategy for lowering stress and anxiety. Individuals can obtain a sense of peace by focusing on the current moment and quieting their minds. So you have different benefits—benefits one, two, and three—because it fills up all of these data. The only thing you need to do is fill up your own graphics, such as a banner image. So you may do a library search here. So let’s pretend I’m going to look for a meditation there. You may search the image library. So, let’s assume I want to utilize one of these photographs here. I believe I like this one. This stands for meditation. So let’s go with that one, and then you can upload your logo picture here. You may put some icons here for the advantages; if you like, you can add your own icons in here regarding the title, so here we’ll also do some meditation graphics. So, let’s say we chose this one, I’ll click on utilize, and we’ll just click on submit so we can go through it. You may also include your own logo. You can put opening hours in here, so you could say from Monday to Saturday, from nine to nine, for example, and you could fill out your client’s address and it will be practically filled out if you previously filled out these things at the start. You can choose an autoresponder for your contact information in terms of services, etc.

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So, when I click submit, the site is built. So, if I scroll down here, you can see in the resource list that I now have a landing page. So, when I open this and look at it, this is the site that has been designed for us to enjoy the benefits of a meditation room site. This is the video that we can include. As you can see, icons have already been added. So, the expert team You must, of course, include photographs of your customer, and then, based on this image, contact: yes, there is a contact form, etc., and if desired, provide a video. So when I go to YouTube, for example, I can do meditation, and then let’s just choose one, say I’m going to copy the link, and the address will add this one. I go to my account, and now I can change this webpage. For example, I may specify that I want to be able to choose between Vimeo, YouTube, and a custom URL for the video area. But let’s pretend this is a YouTube video. Now I’m going to press save submit, and when I reload this site, you can see the video has been uploaded to the site as well, and look at this; it was done really quickly here in just a few minutes. I’ve now launched this webpage. This is only one of the assets in this client’s account. So when I return here to the bottom, when I scroll down here, I can begin generating my video advertising.

AI MingleSuite OTO Product Overview

When I click on video advertising, I may give this campaign a name, such as Meditation Room. I may play the video by clicking next and then in here. I need to input my keywords, like in this example, I’m going to perform a meditation routine and then click on search, and it will now produce themes for me based on the keywords that I filled down here. So here it is: learn about the advantages of meditation and how it may help improve your general health and well-being, or join the millions of individuals who have already found the benefits of meditation. It’s never too late to start. So, let’s use this one, and it will now build a video screenplay for me based on this proposal, uh, title, or this suggestion, uh, topic here. This will take a little time; I believe it will take a minute, so I’ll return after this has been created. Oh, there it is. This happened just seconds after I mentioned that, so here’s the script that was written, which reads, Hello there, welcome back to our channel, where we offer tips and methods to help. You live your finest life. You may also erase it if you don’t want to use it for a channel, and you can start today, when we’re talking about something that has helped millions of people: meditation. If you’re feeling stressed out or just need a little more serenity in your life, this video is for you. With these tried-and-true solutions, you can say goodbye to your difficulties. Meditation is a wonderful technique that may help you discover inner peace, relieve stress, and so on. So, if you’re satisfied with this script, you may save it and convert it to a video here. So when I click on convert to video, it will make a video based on this script. This script will be added for me now.

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