AI Developer – Career, Role, Education, Jobs & Salary

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is gaining its reach in almost every sector possible, especially due to growing global digitization. Today, we have smart devices that offer us exclusive user services. And, to achieve this, a number of artificial intelligence expert professionals work to create algorithms that help machines and devices make intelligent decisions specific to users’ needs. Moreover, looking at the quick evolution and adaptation of the AI field, going for an AI developer career can be a wise choice. 

What is the role of an AI developer?

An AI developer is someone who has extensive knowledge about the field. Further, they use their understanding to create AI-based models and software algorithms, Moreover, they are entirely responsible for testing and implementing these models and handling the whole artificial intelligence infrastructure.

Furthermore, every business faces certain challenges while performing multiple operations. Here, an AI developer has a primary responsibility to understand any given problem and utilize AI technology to find suitable solutions. 

Educational requirements for becoming an AI developer

Here is the step by step guide on education requirements for becoming an expert in the field: 

10+2 completion 

In general, you need to have an aggregate of at least 50 % of marks from any recognized educational board in the following streams: 

  • Physics-chemistry-maths, or
  • Physics-chemistry-maths-computer-science, or
  • Physics-chemistry-computer science

Having the above academic background is a basic requirement if you want to have a profession as an AI developer. 

Giving entrance examinations

We have many colleges and universities that carry out multiple entrance exams which you’ll need to crack. Here, you’ll get the chance to be a student of your desired college that offers excellent courses on artificial intelligence and its subdomains. 

Taking up a relevant bachelor’s degree

Further, you will need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in any relevant stream once you complete your 10+2 academic education. Here is a list of suitable bachelor’s degree stream options that will help you to have a career as an artificial intelligence expert: 

  • B.E in computer science
  • B.E in Artificial intelligence
  • in AI and Robotics
  • in AI and machine learning    

Taking up a relevant master’s degree

Though pursuing a master’s is optional, it can help you be more qualified for AI developer jobs. For this, you get several choices that will lead you to your AI career. However, we provide you with two best paths that you can consider: 

  • On path 1, you can continue with your master’s degree without any academic year gaps once you finish your bachelor’s level program. Further, once you finish your master’s degree, you can apply for available internships as an entry-level AI employee.  
  • In another option, you can straightaway start your work experience once you finish your bachelor’s degree. Though you’ll be able to crack only entry-level positions, but after a working experience of atleast 1-2 years, you can either apply for a better position or pursue your master’s degree. 

A few of the master’s degree specializations that you can take up are as follows: 

  • M.E. (Master of Engineering) Computer Science    
  • M.E. (Master of Engineering) Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Tech. in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Tech. in Robotics

Taking recognized certifications

The best way to accelerate your AI developer career is by pursuing any professional AI certification. Also, most of these certifications are online, so you can conveniently blend them into your work-life routine. Furthermore, the majority of online courses enable you to complete your course at your pace.  Aside from this, you’ll connect with industrial experts and AI communities. Hence, it will automatically increase your network and make you more visible to your potential employers. A few relevant certifications you can consider are: 

  • Certified Game AI developer
  • Introduction to Robotic process automation course
  • Certified C++ developer
  • Certified Python developer

Details regarding jobs and salary in the AI space

Machine Learning Engineers: 

By completing your artificial intelligence training, you can apply for the job role of machine learning engineer. As ML is a sub-domain of artificial intelligence, with AI certification, you learn skills in the areas of coding, applied research, data analysis, and data science. Also, you’ll be managing heavy ML projects, data pipelines, and infrastructure. Further, if we talk about its salary, you’ll be able to make from 40,000 to 20,0000 Rs approx per month as per your expertise and position as an ML engineer. Hence, having an AI certification on hand can brighten your professional path. 

Data Scientists: 

Individuals with artificial intelligence certification also have the opportunity to become data scientists. Here, they do not necessarily have to participate in code production as ML engineers do. Instead, the job role usually revolves around them resolving discrete issues with the help of existing data. Also, these data help them to verify AI models in the system. Aside from this, as a data scientist, you’ll also need to do a few essential tasks, including data collection, cleaning, and extracting valuable information. Further, you can earn a monthly salary from 30,000 to 1,00,000 Rs approx per month, depending on your job position. 

Research Scientists: 

One more lucrative job role that an AI developer can opt for is a research scientist. As a research scientist, you will be experimenting with new approaches in the field. Furthermore, you might get support from industry or academic research facilities. In fact, your findings will be more into scientific discovery than testing their industrial usage. So, if this field interests you, then complete your artificial intelligence training and get your AI certification to participate in relevant opportunities. An average salary of a research scientist goes up to 1,80,842 Rs per month.  


So, this was detailed content on everything you need to know while choosing a career as an AI developer. So, if you like to learn more on such topics, then give a follow-up to the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL. The platform keeps you updated with every recent advancement in the tech world. 


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