AI & Chat-GPT Whisperer (FULL AI Suite) Review ⚠️

AI technology is gradually changing the world. The presence of this technology makes every job easier and faster. Business adoption is the right thing to do and every business clearly understands that it won’t be long before they will be completely dependent on the power of artificial intelligence. When artificial intelligence technology enters, those who know how to take advantage of it will win the race to make money. It sounds fierce, but the sooner the better is always true. That means you have to try to capture it and work with it to get better results.

If you search the internet, you will find tons of information and don’t know where to start. For example, lately, the heat of ChatGPT has made the world go shocked, but really you still can’t imagine how it works and how the artificial intelligence developed within it can give such great results. In order to explain in detail and make it easy to understand for you, I introduce AI Whisperer to help you know how to “control” AI to make money for you.

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What Is AI Whisperer??

AI Whisperer is an all-in-one package that provides you with the core software, training, and templates to profit from AI. If you’ve got a load of AI courses and tools, but still haven’t made money or think you’re one of the 99.99999% of 100+ million people who use ChatGPT but haven’t made a red cent from it, this is what you need. Including 10x template chains can help you make $100-500 per day.

This A.I. tech is so transformative, it’s about to change the world. It’s going to flip how you make money on its head. In particular, if you make any type of money by creating anything (content, copy, videos, designs, articles, ideas, business models) you need to master AI – before it’s too late. That’s why choosing an AI Whisperer is a must.


What Does AI Whisperer Offer You?

Here’s what you get:

  • AI Black Book For February 2023

A single PDF – the de facto book – that actually gives a full overview of the AI landscape right now (read this to become AI intermediate in 30 minutes)

  • AI Hacks Pack (PDFs & .text files)

AI’s work is based on commands or “prompts” which determine how useful the output (“response”) is. You’ll see lots of AI noobs saying “write me an article” or “make me a picture of a cat”, but it’s way more nuanced than that (it’ll give you prompts, but this is only half the story, keep reading…)

  • AI Whisperer Software

Time to level up with chains. See, a prompt in isolation is only half the story. What you really want to do is feed the AI a sequence of prompts (think in terms of the steps of a typical make money campaign or content creation… niche > keyword > article… or niche > slogan > teespring design > FB ad.. or product > script > video review). This software connects directly to GPT and lets you run the DFY-proven commands without having to keep on typing them over and over.

  • AI Make Money Campaigns

Using AI for your core internet business (you know, Google, email, ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, freelancers, traffic, affiliate, launches, promos, all the good stuff). It will give you real case studies of making money in some weird ways with AI

  • AI Training Videos

They’ve made it “cut-and-paste” for you up to this point, but maybe you’re actually interested in the context, advanced tricks, bells, and whistles? That’s where the “over-the-shoulder” training videos come in!

In short, AI Whisperer really is the complete suite to profit in the coming AI wars of 2023. Weapon up lads, it’s gonna be a mad decade.


Why Should You Invest In AI Whisperer?

♥ You know the ways to make money with AI tech.

When you are an AI Whisperer owner, you know how to work with AI tech to bring in your income. You will learn the information and knowledge from the course that this product covers and then apply it to the AI Whisperer software. This saves you from having any trouble using this product.

With AI Whisperer, you are exposed to tricks, hacks, and case studies to get the most out of this world’s most advanced technology. If you are doing content creation and looking for ideas, this product is a good assistant for you. You will know what AI will help you to create content quickly by linking directly to ChatGPT, the hottest language model today. The world trend is endlessly transforming and you have no reason to hesitate to catch up with it.

AI technology has been around since 2018 and is being developed constantly. If you want to win this survival battle, you must become proficient and understand how this AI tech works. If you know more, and master more knowledge, you will certainly easily earn a lot of money now and in the future. 

AI Whisperer Pricing And OTOs


You know you need to be using AI to increase your work efficiency but until now it’s been complicated. That’s where AI Whisperer comes in and does all the hard work for you. You can know how to master AI and make profits easily. It’s slashing the price to only $17.95. The discounted price and bonuses can be removed and changed when this special session closes so you need to hurry up.


Upsell 1Pro/Unlimited Edition ($37)

Firstly, unlock the ability to pre-load 50x “AI chains” simultaneously – increasing the speed and potential profits by 500%! Second, access 5x extra profitable prompt sequences that aren’t included in the front end.

Upsell 2: Image Whisperer ($27)

Software that connects to DallE AI image creator & uses 15x template prompts to instantly create a series of DFY images for any niche/website in seconds! No one is doing this. Just enter these specific commands and the software spits out a series of images.

This is not another AI tool, these images are as good as pro $50 stock photos. You are able to create unlimited & epic:

  • stock photos
  • modern vectors
  • line art
  • iOS icons
  • 3D CGI object renders
  • modern logos
  • slick isometric scenes
  • luxury pics
  • corporate shots
  • simple PNG-style emblems
  • timeless 90s clip art
  • sultry black & white mood shots
  • modern neon icons for dark-mode designers

All these presets are preloaded. Just enter your keyword and my pre-prepped templates wrapped around them and the AI does the rest.

Upsell 4: AI Reseller ($97)

Unlock DFY campaigns – with 100% commission setup, using AI! All the benefits of a product vendor with none of the headaches

Upsell 3: DFY Edition ($197)

Let their team set everything up for you – An AI-powered money-making website that gets you AI-powered Google traffic! They will configure your website with a 30-day series of articles on buyer keywords – with your affiliate link preloaded

Upsell 5: MegaBundle Edition ($97)

Get access to an amazing 37 software tools that cost them over $300k to build!

AI Whisperer Review – Pros And Cons


  • It includes new AI Whisperer software (a cloud-based app – that connects to GPT AI)
  • You can browse the “ai whisperer” black book to understand the ai landscape
  • It allows you to browse the “AI Whisperer” templates & select the DFY “prompts”
  • “Chain” the prompts in a sequence to make money with AI
  • It includes $100 to $400/day real-life AI profit case studies
  • You can unlock the AI goldrush with this cutting-edge software + video + ebook suite
  • You can make money with ChatGPT, mid-journey, Openai & many more rights now
  • You stop buying “i-just-discovered-AI!” hype guides
  • You learn how to actually profit from the AI
  • It’s time to forget about all the manual work you used to do, to profit (and just “hack” the AI).


  • Until now, there is none.

Conclusion & My Bonus Package For You

In the nutshell, this review is just a reference and all decisions depend on you. I have made an effort every day to bring you the best products ever. The sooner you take action, the more profit you can earn. Please mark my words, you will not be disappointed about this one.

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