Being showered by fame and recognition is the dream of most of society’s constituents. Being followed by paparazzi and being called for interviews regarding one’s achievements is a goal for many of the younger generation. In this current era, digital media has given birth to a new field of profession called ‘influencers.’ Many young aspirants hope to grow their digital following to the extent that can award them with brand sponsorships and monetary gain. Many dreams of becoming a famous idol that is worshiped by many, but very few understand what acquiring this status requires. A great example of a person that fulfilled all the requirements of her goals and faced all challenges head-on to achieve her dreams is the widely famous dancer, actress, and model Agnes Artych.

People are usually envious of others when they see them succeed in life. They see all the popular idols basking in fame and glory and wish they could have the same. However, people seldom think about the cost of obtaining such grand achievements. In recent years, people have become distanced from the true meanings of hard work and perseverance. Especially the younger generation wants everything in life to be expedited in a way which lets them closer to their goals with no effort involved. People start businesses in the hope of becoming a big brand and achieving success in their lives but refuse to put in the necessary efforts and hours filled with hard work. Nowadays, taking the most convenient shortcut has become a widely used motto. A shortcut is essentially not a bad idea as it entails being more efficient in executing a process. But this process can only be successful if the person has performed their due diligence. Although seeming very glamorous and picture-perfect, the field of modeling or acting involves a lot of sweat and tears. Although not seen by many, professional models and actors have gone through intense training to master their trade and perfect their acts. The road to becoming a famous actor, model, or dancer is long and perilous, involving many hurdles and hardships. Only by persevering through those knockdowns can the person finally step in the limelight and start their climb to stardom. Agnes Artych is a person that although she had a passion for the stage from the beginning, had to experience many hardships before she could start her professional journey. The only thing that helped her climb to success was her hard work and self-belief.

Agnes Artych was born on January 11, 1988, in Siedlce, Poland. Agnes belonged to a family that had deep roots in the education sector, as her mother was a retired teacher and principal. Her mother raised Agnes and her two sisters with a concentration on educational values. From an early age, Agnes was interested in the art of dance performance. She watched dancers gracefully performing beautiful moves in front of a huge crowd. Her fondness for the art grew over time to a point when she wanted to pursue dancing professionally. However, her mother had different plans for her. Agnes’s mother declined any sort of effort in dancing until Agnes had gained higher education in a socially accepted field. Therefore Agnes was pushed into securing her BA in the German Language from Jan Kochanowski University. After completing her mandatory education in fields that did not interest her, Agnes began her journey to pursue her dreams. Normal people would have lost all hope at this point and continued to pursue the field they got their degree in. With time working against them, most people would forget their original dreams and abandon them to play the cards that were dealt with them. However, Agnes’s belief in herself and her dreams did not let her get lost in disappointment and kept her driven towards her dreams.

Agnes then started studying at the Kielce University of Arts and Science and secured her BA in dance, accompanied by dance lessons at the Kielce Dance Theater. After that, she spent two years at the Baltic Dance Theater and soon earned her accreditation in Acting and Dance at the Union of Artists of the Polish Stage. Slowly but surely, Agnes had started a steadfast journey to achieving her goal of being a star like the ones she saw on the television.

After completing her educational efforts in Poland, Agnes was scouted by a modeling agency and moved to Istanbul to start work as a professional model. She spent three months there with Burce Bekrek and Perge Jewels as her primary clients. After returning to Poland, Agnes became the primary representative for the Polish fashion week in 2014. She was also featured on the Hebe magazine in the same year and won the Bell cosmetic beauty pageant. 

Agnes then moved to New York in the hope of entering a grander stage of modeling. She signed with ADAM Models, which is now known as State management. Her journey to a modeling sensation was streamlined thereon as she partnered with famous photographer Marc Erwin babej to appear in 14 NY fashion weeks. She also worked on other projects such as Afrika, Mischilinge, Yesterday – Tomorrow, and many others.

She not only made a name in the modeling industry but was also able to become a notable personality in the film industry. Her talent in portraying any emotions with real feelings and facial depiction had her awarded with roles in many movies. She has starred and co-starred in notable short films such as Roommate, First Glance, Mere Dil Mere Mussafir, Unfettered, Ausoria, Points, and Veral. She has also played supporting roles in the featured films The Swan Way and R BNB. During her acting career, Agnes also entered the TV-drama industry with roles in the popular show Lipstick Traces and Halston. The drive of Agnes to accomplish her goals had awarded her with having a recognized presence in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Agnes, after relentless efforts and hard work, was successful in achieving all that she had aspired for in life. Agnes faced many challenges during her journey where any other person would have given up resisting and let life run its course. But her tenacity and drive to achieve her dreams helped her stay focused on the ultimate goal and never become discouraged. Agnes has since then become an international icon and has been featured in many different notable magazines such as Vogue Japan, Vogue Italia, Washington Life, Archive Magazine, and many others. She was also an important part of commercial shoots for Crown Royal and KFC.


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