Affordable Prime Plots in Kenya

Affordable prime plots in Kenya suitable for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes are found in satellite towns around major cities. When searching for cheap land, towns such as Kangundo road, Kitengela, Ngong, Kamulu and Konza are good places to begin.

Upcoming road networks in some rural towns such as Kilifi and Kericho bring up the potential value of land in those areas. These are great for agricultural activities or residential property development.

Below are some areas with affordable property and easy payment plans.

Kangundo road

The eastern bypass road construction has really opened up the area increasing demand for real estate. After the dual carriage road was completed, traffic congestion between the Nairobi city centre and Kangundo Road was greatly reduced.

There is also a proposal by the government to construct a dual carriage from Ruai town to Kangundo which will easen up the upcoming traffic caused by fast settlement along Kangundo road. The effect of this is the increased attractiveness of the area to potential investors. You can get land for as low as Ksh 600,00 with optional monthly installments of upto one year.

Tinga town

The area is just after Ongata Rongai, approximately 65kms from the Nairobi CBD. The area has schools, hospitals, police stations, water and electricity. The construction of the southern by pass will open up the area to a great extent. Property here sells for as low as Ksh 200,000 and can be paid in instalments.


Nakuru is fast becoming one of the ideal places to live in away from the busy Nairobi and Mombasa.

Nakuru presents a lot of great things from the growing job opportunities, better roads and wonderful places, you can choose to live in Nakuru town, Rongai,Sobea, Mawanga, Lanet, Ngata, Naka, Elementatita, Kiamunyi and Barnabas.

Therefore, you should look into buying land in Nakuru if you are considering a residential property. The land here just within a radius of 20 km from Nakuru CBD goes for as low as Ksh 600,000 all with installment options.

Konza city

This is a government project that seeks to propel the country to middle income status.The first Information Technology university in Kenya is expected to open in Konza in 2023. The Mombasa-Nairobi highway is expected to branch off at Konza. These developments are expected to fast track the development of Konza city. These projects are also expected to influence the price of property in the area. Despite the growth, property is still affordable selling as low as Ksh 299000.


Ngong town is fast growing place located Southwest of Kenya’s capital- Nairobi. The town is on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, near Ngong Hills in Kajiado County. With an acute shortage of housing in Nairobi, desire to reside in a quieter and family place with countryside view but still manageable to access the city people are opting to move to the suburbs of the city and that is mostly Ngong area which is adjacent to Ngong town. In Ngong one can get an affordable piece, a plot which is 50 ft by 100 ft with as low as Ksh 575,000, ready title deeds and also has installment options.


This is another satellite town located in Kajiado County. Demand for land in the area has increased over the years.

A piece of land 3km from the tarmac is currently going for approximately 2.3million.


A satellite town along Kangundo road, 30km from the Nairobi CBD. It has access to social amenities such as schools, tarmac roads and hospitals. Land is affordable with a high appreciation of over 20% annually especially with the expansion of the dual carriage.

You can get a 50×100 plot near the tarmac at 1.1million.

In conclusion, looking at these areas, it is very clear that most parts are still very affordable and more so their accessibility from major cities. Investing in these areas right now will reap gains in the coming future.edit