Affordable Passover Vacations – is it possible?

Pesach 2022 is going to be a fabulous time to enjoy a Passover destination vacation. Everyone has been cooped up too long and it is time to get out of the house and out of our home towns to see new sites, eat new foods, and meet new people.

A lot of people have heard horror stories about the cost of taking Passover vacations at resorts with kosher foods, and chametz free facilities. The amount of money that you spend on a Passover vacation is going to be determined by your preferences and choices. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the overall cost and create an affordable Passover program so the vacation fits into the budget you have established.


The location of your vacation is going to play a large role in the price that the vacation costs. If you choose to go to the most luxurious resort located in the most exotic of locations then your vacation is going to be more expensive than if you choose to travel within your own country, and go to a resort that is a little smaller.

Traveling abroad and going to tropical islands costs more than a trip to another state. You can go to Arizona, California, Carolina, Florida, and elsewhere within the United States and find excellent Passover programs to enjoy without spending a fortune.

Entertainment Options

If you choose a resort that has big name entertainers performing nightly then you are going to pay more for the experience than if you stay at a resort and have to pay extra to see entertainers and shows. The all-included entertainment packages make you pay extra and entitles you to see every show and performance during your visit.

If you opt to pay for just the performances your family wants to see the most then you will spend less money and more than likely have just as much fun. You can also choose to see entertainment that is offered at local areas close to the resort rather than just seeing shows at the resort.

Wine and Drinks

When a program offers wine included with the program the cost of the wine is figured for every person in your group. If you have people who do not drink wine, or you have children in the group the all wine included package will have you paying for wine that those members of your group will never consume.

Choose to pay for your wine as an extra instead of as part of the package. By paying for your wine as an extra then you choose how much you want to spend on wine and beverages and you can reduce the overall price of your trip.

Luxury Suites cost more

If you stay at a resort that has luxury suites with sitting rooms and small dining rooms the price of your vacation is going to be higher than if you stay at a place with small cabins or with hotel style rooms.

Hotel style rooms have beds, televisions and all of the amenities that you need to be comfortable while you are on vacation. You do not always get a separate living room but you can often choose rooms with small fridges and microwaves.

You can also save a bundle by sharing a hotel style room with your children instead of renting a separate room for the kids.

If you get a room that has a small fridge and microwave in it you can keep drinks and prepare snacks to help lower the overall vacation cost. Go to local stores close to the hotel you are staying at and purchase drinks and snacks for your family rather than ordering room service or going to a restaurant each time one of you gets hungry.

Do not bring things with you that are going to need to be locked into a safe. This will allow you to stay at hotels that do not have safes in each room.

3 Stars does not mean it’s a dump – make sure to visit Tripadvisor and

You can opt to stay at places that do not have a five-star rating. Just because a place gets a three-star rating does not mean it is infested with bed bugs or is a dump. The place with the three stars may be smaller and less frivolous than the other places.

Many family-friendly places do not get five-star rankings. They may only have one swimming pool for guests to use, or they may not have a swimming pool. Check the details of the places you are considering and choose amenities that are truly going to be used and enjoyed by your family. If you are not going to swim each day you more than likely do not need a resort that offers five swimming pools and a beach.

Do Not Rent Pay Per View

Do not rent pay per view movies from your room. These movies can add as much as $30 each to the cost of the room. It is cheaper to rent one pay per view than it is to take five or six people to a movie theater, but if you rent two or more pay per view movies per night the nightly cost of your accommodations is going to skyrocket.

Baby sitters cost more

When you see an advertisement for a Pesach program that offers babysitters to stay with your children while you go out then you can rest assured that the service is going to add cost to the vacation. Having someone else watch your children is expensive.

Final Thoughts

You can determine the price of You can determine the price of our vacation by simply choosing places that are less expensive. It does not mean our vacation by simply choosing places that are less expensive. It does not mean you will not have fun it simply means that you place a value on quality experiences over extravagance.

Affordable Passover vacations are available if you take the time to look for them.


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