Affordable Japanese Restaurants In Dubai Mall

“ Japanese food’s simplicity is a profound dance of flavors, flavors of sushi, where each bite whispers the essence of the sea. Ramen’s warmth the soul like an old friend. A bowl of miso soup is a sip of serenity in a chaotic world.”


The appeal of Japanese cuisine in other countries such as Dubai is undeniable. People are attracted to  fresh and healthy offerings, where delicate flavors, exquisite presentation and a varied menu cater to different tastes. Sushi, sashimi, tempura and ramen are just some of the dishes that have captured the hearts and palates of the cosmopolitan people of Dubai. Secondly, the presentation is stunning. The Japanese dishes are colorful and well organized.Each dish looks like an edible work of  art. From downtown Dubai to anywhere else, you  have many options whether you are in Dubai Mall or DIFC.It’s like a piece of Japan  in Dubai.

Top 10 Affordable Japanese Restaurants In Dubai Mall

YO! Sushi Dubai Mall

Yo ! Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in Dubai Mall that offers customers exquisite flavors inspired by ancient Japanese traditions. Serving fresh food prepared with quality ingredients is her motto, which inspired her to open a restaurant that serves sushi dishes on an assembly line.

Including delicious sandwiches, juicy salmon, poke, nigiri, hot and spicy ramen, and delicious teriyaki. Additionally, you can test street food and desserts, all inspired by the culinary concept “Shinsen,” popular in Japan. This restaurant offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to all guests and is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai.

Location:Unit LG – 116 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Reviews: 2,577



Wagamama, a successful Japanese restaurant in the Dubai Mall that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes on well-prepared menus, is one of the best restaurants in the area. Freshly prepared food is served high and every dish in the restaurant fills. All of their dishes have a healthy ethos and are based on the “change goes well” principle of offering tasty and nutritious meals including fresh salads, juices, and desserts.Enjoy quality cuisine in a comfortable and welcoming environment that offers a relaxed atmosphere.

A little ginger to warm you up. chillies that kick. noodles to nourish the body and soul. Their Asian-inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish, sustain, and compete your cravings. You can pick from all kinds of noodle dishes and rice and alongside fresh salads and shareable sides. There are also desserts, fresh fruit juices, and hot drinks. In the spirit of Kaizen, their standards are high.

 A hot bowl of hearty ramen. Fresh and authentic menu updated seasonally. Wagamama is the foundation of modern Asian cuisine, one of the top 10 affordable japanese restaurants in Dubai.

Location: Unit LG – 105 – B [level LG],Unit LG – 105 – Financial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Reviews: 5,983


Umami at Dubai Mall stands out as a pioneering Japanese restaurant where creation is at its core. For those seeking a delicious mixture of authentic Japanese food traditions with modern spices and flavors, Umami is the ideal destination.

 Their menu is a captivating mix of traditional and modern flavors with a wide range of iconic Dubai dishes. Enjoy fresh salads, delicious sashimi, and sushi, and savor delicious ramen, all expertly dipped in the sauce of your choice. What sets Umami apart is its dedication to preserving its legacy of dishes that are unavailable or poorly prepared elsewhere in Dubai.

Umami, the fifth taste sensation alongside sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, is often described as “spicy”,  It is at the heart of East Asian cuisine and plays a key role in creating quick and delicious taste creations, making it affordable for all in one of the top 10 best japanese restaurants in dubai mall.

Location: The Dubai Mall – Food Hall LGF – near at the top entrance – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 2.8
  • Reviews: 107

Social House

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Dubai Mall, then Social House is your option. This place is known for serving a variety of international dishes from around the world, but it specializes in serving fresh Japanese food. Made with fresh ingredients and traditional spices, the restaurant’s menu has been carefully crafted, to suit all tastes.

Serving all three courses daily, this is the place where customers can dine while admiring Dubai’s beautiful monuments such as the famous Dubai Fountain and the stunning Burj Khalifa with outdoor and indoor seating, in earthy blue tones and beautiful wooden decorations Create a relaxing atmosphere and took also part in affordable Japanese restaurants in Dubai Mall.

Location: Sutlej Ave, NESPAK Society Block D 1 Nespak Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.1
  • Reviews: 96

Morozoff JAPAN

This traditional bakery with a Japanese name offers some delicious baked goods, all inspired by Japanese mixtures, international flavors, and some techniques. It has a strong history, Morozoff is a luxury chocolate confectionery shop that serves amazing cookies, made with high-quality ingredients.

Visitors should try their signature dish Feuillage, a brittle sheet-thin cookie, made with fresh ingredients and topped with exotic hazelnuts and almonds, which give it its crunchy texture, if it’s one of their best sellers customers sandwich nuts with crunchy marrow and delicate texture Decorated with delicate taste and filled with pleasant aromas, this small, vibrant spot welcomes all visitors to the mall floor.

Location:57WH+7FH – شارع الخيل الأول – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Reviews: 08


Sugoi is the first authentic Japanese fast-food restaurant in the UAE. Serving traditional Japanese food, with fresh and quality ingredients, this restaurant has made its unique mark in Dubai. Their extensive menus offer savory dishes such as robatayaki, teppanyaki, and savory teriyaki.

Sugoi flatters itself on making its food in two clean open kitchens, one for both sashimi and sushi lovers, and the other for aged robatayaki, traditional teppanyaki, and so on. The available counter and collection of comfortable chairs are perfect for lunch, the eating place has made its specific mark in Dubai.

With this facility, everyone will be able to check if our meals are prepared in the right way or not. With stay counters and snug seating preparations the area is ideal for an afternoon lunch.

Location:Unit SF – 130 – 29 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Reviews: 27


Tanuki Dubai

A fine Japanese restaurant serving Asian fusion dishes inspired primarily by Japanese flavors and spices. Here you can find mouth-watering Asian delicacies made with fresh and quality ingredients. Their menu will hit your taste, while serving their seasonally updated menu, offering Sushi, Salmon and Tobiko, Dim Sum, Tanuki Tom Yum Soup, Sashimi, Tanuki Shinsei Maki with Crab, and many others.

Not all dessert lovers need to worry as their refined menu offers the finest varieties of chocolates XianLongBao and cobbler, to satisfy your sweet taste. The place is served in a comfortable atmosphere, and the place is also known for its comfortable seating.

Location: The Dubai Mall – Unit LG – 114 – B [level LG – Unit LG – 114 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 3.9
  • Reviews: 807

Origami Sushi

Origami is simple but profound: a commitment to quality and an unwavering respect for tradition. With a carefully curated menu and updated logo that breathes new life into the essence of Japanese culture, Origami Sushi immerses patrons in a world where every aspect of the dining experience is treated with great care and attention.

It is a place where tradition is respected, all while welcoming progress and creation.The broad philosophy of origami upholds unadorned, imperfect, and simple, paying homage to Japan’s timeless aesthetic. It is a place where the art of sushi chefs and simple ingredients come together to create an unforgettable and immersive dining experience.

Location: Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, Level 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Reviews: 295


KATA, an incredible Japanese restaurant core of iconic Downtown Dubai, gives an unprecedented food level. With a commitment to excellence in each factor, from the meticulously prepared delicacies to the extraordinary provider, KATA invites guests to have fun with the artistry of Japanese food traditions. The place’s prime location ensures that diners can have fun with their food at the same time as staring at the fantastic Dubai Fountain and the bustling Dubai Mall promenade.

Their revolutionary menu components and the precision of Japanese dishes techniques, result in a collection of delectable dishes that have an enduring impact and create cherished recollections for all who dine with us. Whether you are in search of a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, or a special celebration, KATA is your destination for top-tier eating in Dubai’s colorful city center.

Location: Waterfront Promenade The Dubai Mall – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.9
  • Reviews: 432

Fujiya Downtown

The dining at Fujia Ramen is truly enjoyable. The food at this restaurant is affordable and excellent, delicious and unique. The restaurant is clean in its environment and the staff is not only friendly but also very accommodating.

Highly recommended to try the Chicken Karez which was perfectly crispy on the outside and the perfect mix of tender and flavorful on the inside. It is an obligatory dish.

Located in the Al Gahoud area near Dubai International Airport, the restaurant offers authentic Japanese izakaya-style dining. Their menu offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes, including Japanese tapas, wagyu shabu shabu (hotpot) buffet, yakitori (Japanese style chicken skewer), and much more Culinary offerings include rare sake don’t see, It’s full of drinks including yuzu and shiso.

Location: Swiss Hotel – Al Mustaqbal St – opposite The Dubai Mall – Trade Centre – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Ratings and reviews:

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Reviews:1,054

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the average price range at these restaurants?

The price range at these budget Japanese restaurants in Dubai Mall may vary, but you can generally expect to spend around AED 50-150  per person, depending on your food and drink choices.

  • What are the opening times of listed restaurants?

Opening hours may vary, but most  Japanese restaurants in Dubai Mall are open for lunch and dinner. It’s a good idea to check their official websites or contact them in advance to confirm  current opening times.

  • Do these restaurants serve alcohol with shake and other traditional Japanese drinks?

Many of these restaurants serve alcohol, including sake, and a selection of other beverages. You can accompany your meal with a traditional Japanese drink.

Final Words:

These affordable Japanese Restaurants, including You! Sushi assembly line for modern and traditional taste at Kata. These restaurants offer a variety of delicious Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Whether you are a fan of sushi, ramen, or other Japanese specialties, these restaurants give you the chance to enjoy Japanese food in the core of Dubai with the best presentation and friendly, don’t miss these Japanese places at Dubai Mall.

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