Affordable Commercial Truck Insurance

Insuranks is a leading provider of low-cost truck insurance products to the long- and short-haul trucking industry. We specialize in cheap bobtail insurance. As you know, the trucking industry has become much more competitive. You are operating on very tight margins. You need to cut costs to stay in business. A good place to start is a thorough review of your current insurance coverage and premiums.

What type of insurance does a trucker need?

At Insuranks we have several low-cost options for truck insurance. Here is a list of the most common types of insurance purchased.

Physical damages

Being on the road means that you are subject to a great number of dangers. These include damage in an accident or bad weather, vandalism, or theft. Physical damage insurance for trucks is affordable and offered nationwide. Rest assured knowing that wherever the road takes you, your truck is protected.

Overall responsibility

Since society is becoming much happier with lawsuits, General Liability insurance for trucks is becoming more important. Pays for injuries or property damage that you cause as a result of business activities not directly related to the operation of your truck. Since you already own your business, you know how crucial General Liability insurance is. However, you might think that you are only covered for accidents that occur at the physical location of your business. This is not the case. You will be covered if a customer or third party is injured on your premises. You will also have coverage with Truckers Liability Insurance for a number of situations that may occur outside of your physical location. These include:

•             Delivering a load to the wrong place.

•             Drivers who get into fights while on the job or cause property damage to others.

•             Drivers committing slander against competitors.

Although these situations are not common, trucker’s liability insurance will cover you in these situations. Remember that it will also include coverage for your defense legal expenses along with any covered claims for which you are held liable. Everyone knows how quickly legal fees can add up, so make sure you’re protected with an affordable General Trucker Liability Policy.