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Nowadays, numerous administrators have started moving towards captchas. There are several reasons to adopt such a measure. Firstly, it helps the admin know if there has been a breach in terms of identification. It also lets the program know about the fake votes or fake IPs used in a particular poll.


Why buy Captcha Votes from Votes Zone?

Captcha votes are a great way to prevent the use of auto-bot systems or special auto-generating software. They are known as a test for reality to validate that a single authentic user is accessing the designated poll.

A major reason why a robot or software can’t normally get through the captcha test is that it is manually designed. The responsible administrator can make the combination of pictures or letters as complicated as he/she wishes. The complexity of the test depends on how far you want to make sure that no fake vote gets through. Also read about Why Hire Guest Posting Services for your Business.

There is always an input text or selection field next to the assigned captcha. You also might have noticed the option of changing the captcha if you are not understanding the current one. Conclusively, you cannot afford to have fake IP addresses trying to access a poll as it will easily get rejected at once.

If you are looking to buy captcha votes with unique and real IP addresses at a reasonable price, Votes Zone is here to serve.


Captcha Offers To Grab!

Various platforms that might be able to assist you if you are looking to buy captcha votes as per your preferences. However, most of these providers fail to offer the same amount of quality and responsiveness to their clients.

With Votes Zone as your partner, you can buy poll votes to get through any captcha test design and hold on to those contest prizes that you are missing on. Various packages depend on the number of votes you need. If you want a few sample votes to test the authenticity and eligibility for a particular poll, you can directly contact the company to help you with your queries.

Here are a few packages that you can choose from:

  • 100 votes plan
  • 300 votes plan
  • 500 votes plan
  • 1000 votes plan
  • 2000 votes plan
  • 5000 votes plan

You should note that the packages provided are flexible and can be altered as per your needs. If you are looking to buy poll votes in bulk, you can contact Votes Zone beforehand to receive prompt delivery of your votes.

Normally, the delivery time ranges from one to two days. The smaller plans are delivered within a period of 24-hours. However, the larger plans can take a maximum of 48-hours which is good enough.

To get a better experience, an individual is required to notify the company of every small detail regarding the contest so there is no hindrance in terms of delivery time.