Affordable Accessories You Need in Your Home Office

Remote work has become much more popular in recent years, making it possible to work from the comfort of your own home and have the career you’ve always dreamed of. However, there are some aspects of working from home that can interfere with productivity, including a less-than-optimal workspace. While having a dedicated space to work in is a great starting point, there are certain things you need to create an optimal working environment, starting with these 7 affordable accessories:

Desk Organizer

It can get easy to get distracted or even lose track of something when working from home. If you work with papers like invoices, checks, and more, then you may want to invest in a desk organizer. Here you can file paperwork, mail, and other necessities so that you don’t misplace them, and they’ll be easily on-hand when you need them.

You can find ones that have drawers or a set up caddy style with sections for different items. Desk organizers are available in all types of styles too—whether you want a metal one to go with modern décor or a wood one that’s more traditional and homey.


External Laptop Mouse

Using the trackpad on your laptop does work if you need it to, but it can also be frustrating. From accidentally tapping the disconnect feature too much greater difficulty controlling it, trackpad mice are far less than ideal. Fortunately, there are laptop mice available that you can connect with a cable or via Bluetooth. Fortunately, there are laptop mice available that you can connect with a cable or via Bluetooth. Plus, many of them are designed with support that keeps your wrist at the proper angle to help avoid repetitive injury.

If you are going to buy an external laptop mouse, don’t forget to get a mousepad so it functions smoothly. You can even make your own custom mouse pad with any image you like.

Dry Erase Board

Just because you’re not in a classroom doesn’t mean that a dry erase board can’t be useful to you. In fact, dry erase boards are a great way to keep track of your meetings, to-do-lists, and other memos. Setting one up just an arm’s reach from your workstation makes it easy to throw notes up there as needed and keep these things top-of-mind. Buy some colorful expo markers for a fun touch.

Wireless Charging Station

Make it easy to keep all your devices fully charged, without having to leave the room (and disrupt your workflow). Wireless charging stations often have a USB port so you can use your computer as a power source while powering up your phone, tablet, and more. You can get a simplistic charging port, or they also have options with organizers attached.

A Desk Blotter

If you’re working on a favorite piece of furniture, you’ll want to invest in a desk blotter to avoid any damage to the surface. Desk blotters were traditionally used for writing, but they can also be somewhere you can place your laptop on to protect the surface of your desk. Many people use these to prevent scratches on their wooden desks.

Wrist Pad

If you’re working on a laptop from home, you might notice that your wrists are a bit sore. This is because of the angle you are typing at. Depending on the angle of your computer, a wrist pad may be beneficial to help lift your hands and arms to the correct typing position. They can also provide a soft cushioning, so your wrists aren’t resting on a hard surface all day.


This might sound basic, but you’d be surprised how many home offices are cluttered. Adding a few shelves can help you organize all your essentials, keep them out of the way, and add a touch of style to your office.

Find a few knick-knacks (like crystal book ends, some of your favorite books, photos, succulents, or a small clock) that you can add amongst your shelves to bring a little personality to your space.

Splurge-Worthy Recommendations

In addition to these budget-friendly home office additions, there are some splurge-worthy items you should also consider, such as:

  • An ergonomic desk chair
  • A standing desk
  • A second monitor

While these items are more of an investment, they can make a huge difference in how you work from home.

For now, focus on purchasing these affordable but highly functional items for your home office so you work smarter, harder, and more comfortably. And don’t forget, in addition to work-related items you can add some personal flair to the space to help boost your creativity and make it a more pleasant place to spend so much time in.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.