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The paper reveals that there is no label. You can fill it out entirely on your own. We at Dogma Soft provide the White Label Payment Gateway Solution for the Aadhaar E-Payment Gateway System. Select your own color combination for your webpage and write your own company information about us, email us and other pages with your own brand, your own domain name and your own logo. Powering your admin control panel will allow you to build your own custom distributors and retailers. We can have a web-based admin system. We provide not only AEPS White Label services, but also a full business solution for your company that includes 100+ IT services. WLAs are called ATMs that bank employees use and operate. The Payment and Settlement Systems Act of 2007, by the Reserve Bank of India, allows non-bank ATM operators to operate in India (RBI).

The AAEPS allows payments using Aadhaar and authentication services and Aadhaar is a unique identification number given to any resident of India by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). AAdhar Activated Payment System is a unique way to conduct financial transactions on a micro-ATM supplied by a baking correspondent using Aadhar’s Unique Identification Number. This system is built to manage banking transactions seamlessly, with account holders having the ability to provide a single biometric authentication. AEPS transactions require card-less and pin-less devices, and a fingerprint will authenticate the transaction. The method of inter-bank operation will be wider in scope, while the high level of protection of the customer will be provided by biometric authentication by the Unique Authority of India (UIDAI). One of the most popular financial vehicles, payments are made through Aadhar. AEPS is Aadhar based, which means all transactions are recorded in aadhar.

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The NPCI facilitates transactions, such as cash deposit, balance enquiry, and debit card maintenance.

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