Advertising on Hulu: This Is What You Need to Know

One of the most popular streaming services is Hulu. This once unknown streaming service has now soared in popularity and is a fierce competitor to the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

As a result, Hulu is a welcoming place for advertisers. If you are a brand that is trying to expand your reach, you want to consider advertising on Hulu.

But how do you get started? What are the best ways to advertise on Hulu and increase your chances of traffic toward your brand?

Create Using Custom Video

If you are a small business, you will love the custom video service. This is an in-built service that lets you create an ad for your brand.

You can use their custom templates, sound effects, imagery, etc. to create your ads. This is easy-to-use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Nevertheless, you want to ensure you know how to create the right ads for Hulu. You should check out these advertising tips on how to advertise on Hulu.

You might also want to consider studying advertising and marketing in more detail, so you know how to appeal to the average Hulu user.

Why You Need to Standout

On Hulu, users get to decide what type of advertising they choose to see. Users have an option to choose which ad they prefer. They are presented with an Ad Selector, where they choose between two or more ads based on what they prefer.

As a result, you have to stand out with your ads.

Consider a Slate

A Slate refers to a short (usually five seconds) ad that consists of a still image of your brand’s logo prior to the start of a video. Essentially, this type of advertisement is saying that the video (film, tv series, etc.) is ‘brought to you by…’

This can be a great opportunity if your brand is relevant to the content of a video. For example, if you run a cryptocurrency exchange, you might want to create a Slate for a documentary on Bitcoin.

If you run a luxury brand, you might want to create a Slate for a film that showcases luxury products/luxury lifestyle such as a James Bond film.

There’s also a Premium Slate which lasts for a few more seconds and is more than a still image. You can use this if you want to showcase a particular product. Both types of slates have a “Brought to you by…” voiceover that will be created by Hulu.

Action Bar

If you have a one-time offer or new product launch you can consider an Action bar. This is a still banner image that is displayed on the screen.

Naturally, this will not be seen if the viewer watches their video in fullscreen. However, it can be beneficial for the downtimes when a user is perusing through the website. It’s a great option for smaller brands.

Start Advertising on Hulu

Now that you know the basics of advertising on Hulu, you are ready to start creating ads. Make sure to share this guide with other business owners.

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