Advent Calendar Ideas that your kids will love!

Christmas was a great time of the year, people keep waiting for the day all through the year. Most of the fun comes from anticipations preparations, and decorations. Advent calendars are the best ways to keep up the anticipation on the way to 25th December. 

There is no need to buy kinds of stuff from the stationery stores, or pictures behind the little windows. Why don’t you upgrade your skills and design advent calendars yourself? Your kids will surely love the idea of personalized calendars. They can render you a helping hand as well. 

Advent Calendar doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of the gifts can be made from household items. You can procure some materials from the dollar store. Fill the advent calendars with toys, edible treats, and little gifts. Use things that you can bake like Christmas Cookies. 

Indeed your kids will love the surprise that you give them. 

  • Chalkboard Advent Calendar Ideas

It involves chalkboard paint, little boxes, and a little tree so that you can hang the Chalkboard Advent Calendar. You can design this calendar within an hour. It is inexpensive as well. You will need chalkboard spray paint, 25″ boxes, ribbon, a mini Christmas tree, homemade treats, and small toys. 

Firstly, layout flattened boxes outside the newspaper. Spray chalkboard paint on them and get them dried. Once it dries up, spray on the other side of the box. Write numerical figures from 1 to 25 in chalk. Fill the boxes with presents (goodies, homemade cookies) and tie the boxes with the tree. 

  • Advent Calendar Paper City 

This printable paper calendar includes all the houses on the street number from 1 to 24. You can easily design the matchbox buildings and houses so that kids can play with them until Christmas. 

They will make cute play sets or decorations. You can place them neatly along the shelf or wall. Create your town, and display them around the Christmas tree.

Hide little toys, animals, or men inside the boxes. Every house has a unique story to tell. It is a black and white version. However, you can color them on your own. 

  • Advent calendars using bark stars

We were glad to complete this advent calendar just on time. To add a Christmas Charm to your house, you will put up bark stars or wooden hearts on the wall. You can design them with a mint candy or write the name of a carol on the backside of each shape. 

All you need is a bark heart or bark star and felt reindeer. Apart from that, you will need a poster tack and white gel ink. Apply tack on the ribbon on the corner of the stars. Alternatively, you can use a laser level zone to put them in a line.

They come up easy, and won’t leave a trace. 

Wall-mounted advent calender

It is a 4-feet wall-mounted advent calendar. Rest assured that your kids will love it. You can place it in your kitchen. Firstly, number muslin bag with a stencil. Then cut the wax paper into pieces. Insert the pieces in each of the bags. It prevents the paint from soaking on either side of the bag. Use an angel number to put the pieces onto a 48″ wood board. Put them 5.5″ apart.