Advantages of Using Thermal Insulation Material

You might have seen thermal insulation material in buildings or industries but you may not be aware about what it is. Thermal insulation materials are installed between blocks, materials or machines to decrease the thermal or heat energy. These insulation material are commonly made with low thermal-conductivity materials. There are few other thermal insulation materials that you can use too.

We hope that now you’re aware about the thermal insulation materials so let us learn how they are beneficial to us.

  • A well-designed and installed thermal insulation system conserves energy by reducing heat loss/gain by a lot of percentages decreases the consumption of power and fuel. Thermal insulation can save around 45-60% of the energy.
  • The surface temperature of piping and equipment can be controlled with thermal insulation to bring it to a safer level. This increases worker security while working and avoids worker downtime due to injury.
  • The thermal insulation can facilitate the process temperature control to a predetermined value. For this, thick insulation materials are used to control the heat deprivation in a fluctuating system or it controls the temperature drop, with time, in a stagnant system.
  • Well-designed thermal insulation built with proper thickness has the stability to limit vapor and they are also very effective in limiting and condensing corrosion on ducts, cold piping, roof drains, and chillers. But you need to ensure that thermal insulation has sufficient thickness to keep dew point temperature above the surface temperature of the ambient air. 
  • Thermal insulations increase durability by avoiding deformation, mold, humidity, and freezing that may occur in plants or industries and weaken the iron parts due to corrosion. It also contributes to earthquake resistance.
  • The slag wool, fiberglass, and rockwool insulation are mixed with other materials to build fire safety in the fire stop system, communication, and electrical channel and cable protection, and air duct and greases fireproofing.  
  • Standard insulation material is used to create a soundproofing room. This insulation not only protects exterior and interior walls from the heat temperature but also prevents noise generation sources and creates a sound hurdle between the source and nearby areas. Glass wool insulation and stone wool materials are used to lower the insertion of noise and increase the acoustic insulation. This insulation is installed in the ceiling and walls of the room.
  • Many times, a cold wall absorbs vapor from the climate. This phenomenon creates condensation and leaves the grey spot on the wall. So, if the thermal insulation is applied to the external walls the condensation will not appear and keep the wall safe.
  • When hot air touches the cold surface, it creates a draft. To evade this, thermal insulation is used to control the air temperature and surface of the walls. It makes the surface slightly warm and lowers the air temperature accordingly.
  • Thermal insulation not only controls the room temperature but also makes it comfortable for all seasons. The heaters and ACs can be avoided by the application of thermal insulation. Even if heaters and ACs are used it will eat less power to reach the determined temperature. Thus, thermal insulations save electricity expenses.
  • Thermal insulation system gives exceptional quick reimbursement and returns on investment through a reduction in electricity expenses and other maintenance costs. A properly designed and installed insulation is a low-risk investment because the saving can be predicted with immense accuracy. According to the facts, it only takes 6 months to 2 years to receive the return on investment in insulation.

Thermal insulation reduces the use of ACS, heaters, and other similar devices to artificially dominate the room temperature. ACs and heaters release large amounts of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere so by applying thermal insulation you’re emitting CO2 and creating a safer and friendly environment.

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